Top 10 Strongest Breeds:- How Does Your Mastiff Compare?

1) Is My Giant Mastiff The Strongest?

I’m sure every owner of a large dog has experienced getting pulled by their very excited furry pets. Sometime, even if we outweigh our large dog by a few pounds, their sizes paired with excitement can drag us for blocks. What really makes our dogs so strong? Is it their height? Their weight? Or how badly they want to get out of their leash to run to the nearest meal they can find? Some dog breeds, are stronger than the others. Even dog breeds that are as big and heavy as each other do not necessarily mean that they have the same ability to pull the people walking them.

2) Do I Have What It Takes To Own One Of The Strongest Dog Breeds?

For thousands of years, humankind has benefitted from the strength of the ancestors of the strongest dog breeds we have today. Mighty dogs have been used in war, for chores like herding and pulling loads, and for their hunting and guarding instincts. Although strong dog breeds seem all tough and great, they actually require lots of food and exercise to be happy, and lots of diligence from us dog owners in order to stay in tip-top condition. Prospective giant dog owners who want pets have a wide array of strong breeds of dogs to choose from, each with unique features and personalities. Most strong breeds were designed by selective breeding for intelligence, loyalty, and fierce instincts. Whether we want a strong breed for protection, to help us out with manual work, or just to cuddle with, there surely is one that will fit well with our lifestyles.

3) How Do We Measure A Giant Dog's Strength?

The physical strength of dogs is difficult to measure because the ones we have are pets. We do not see them in forests or Savannah running after deer and wild cats. Our pets are domesticated, so other than the occasional pulling of the leash, rarely do we see them in situations that require the show of their full strength. In fact event the strongest dogs will not pull their walkers if they are properly trained on how to behave on a leash. On top of these limitations, convincing the strongest dog breeds to participate in experiments testing their strength is no easy feat. To come up with this list, the speeds of the pull to an object divided by the weights of various dog breeds were compared and analyzed.

4) These Are The Top 10 Dogs Ranked From Strong To Strongest

10. German Shepherd

Among the most loyal, intelligent and strongest breeds, German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds all over the world. Known for their humble yet noble origin as sheep herders, they are now popular in bomb and drug detection bureaus for their intelligence and endurance. Their physical strength and speed of learning allowed them to work closely with security and law enforcement bodies such as the police and the military. Also known for being fast runners, they are often portrayed as companions of cops in movies, chasing criminals and pinning them down with their heavy bodies and wilful stances. Their loyalty makes them very easy to train, but they make family pets just as great.

9. Great Dane

Another breed originating from Germany, Great Danes are intimidatingly huge yet friendly at the same time. Strictly speaking they are a type of Mastiff, yet we have included them separately as they are so distinctive. Their strength lies in their agility and ability to obey. They can are very athletic, and are best trained as puppies. Growing up to be around 32 inches tall, they definitely have what it takes to pull us on a lead. They require regular exercise and protein-rich diet to stay healthy and strong.

8. Newfoundland

Known for being great swimmers, Newfs excel in tracking, carting, and various water sports. This large breed knows how to maximize its strength and ability to swim long distances from saving drowning victims in the pool or helping out in rescue missions on the sea. They make good lifeguards because their jaws and legs have the strength to pull victims of drowning to the boat or the shore. If they can carry people on water and still be able to remain afloat and swim, their strengths shouldn’t be doubted.

7. Boxer

Powerful, patient, and protective, the boxer is a dog that isn’t a stranger to labor at all. Like Newfoundland dogs, Boxers also have a rich history; they are cousin to many modern day Bulldog breeds. Their playful at times, do not make it obvious that they used to help in cattling, catching criminals with the police, and biting rivals to death as past war dogs.

6. Siberian Husky

These energetic, muscular, and athletic dogs were selectively bred to be strong enough to travel long distances of thick snow while pulling a sled with other Siberian Huskies. They are considered medium-sized dogs but can actually pull sleds filled with people and their supplies down the slopes. Although they do this job with other Siberian Huskies, they still need to individually have broad lengths and shoulders, muscular bodies, and fast action when given orders. They strong muscular bodies, legs and shoulders allow them to pull sleds in the worst snowstorm and toughest terrains.

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback

With a bit of a Mohawk action going down their spine, this dog breed is visibly domineering, independent, and strong-willed. The slender and athletic bodies of older generations of Rhodesian Ridgebacks allowed them to help track lions in Africa. Firmness is needed in dog owners in order to establish and maintain proper behavior and routine for these dogs as they are innately leaders.

4. Irish Wolfhound

The tallest among all dog breeds, it’s not surprising that Irish Wolfhounds are among the strongest. On average, they’re about 32 to 34 inches tall with muscular bodies beneath their fur. Older generations of Irish Wolfhounds are known for hunting gigantic Irish Elks, while the domesticated Irish Wolfhounds of today need a good amount of exercise to stay muscular and healthy like their predecessors. Because of their height and speed, dog owners need to have high fences surrounding their yards and equally strong bodies to hold on to the leash of an Irish Wolfhound when taking one for a walk.

3. Rottweiler

On 3rd place as the strongest dog breed, owning and training a Rottweiler requires dedication and responsibility. They are loyal, but like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, they are innately leaders. If a dog owner is not stern and assertive, a Rottweiler might assume the role of being the pack leader. If a dog owner fails to assume the role of being a pack leader from the Rottweiler’s puppy-hood, it might grow up to be stubborn and very difficult to train. Like the German Shepherd, Rottweilers owned by shepherds are known to herd entire cattles all on their own. They are also used to a lot of labor that need their strength like pulling wagons that are loaded with supplies. Although, they have the tendency to become stubborn and ill-tempered, dog owners can shape them to be good family pets with regular training from their puppy-hood until they’re fully grown. It is important for dog owners to be lovingly assertive throughout the life of a Rottweiler.

2. Saint Bernard

As the 2nd strongest dog breed, Saint Bernards are popularly known to be imposing, powerful, and muscular. If used as guard dogs, their size of about 30 inches tall and their heavyset bodies can crush intruders; surely they can pull their owners on a lead. It’s important to train this dog breed to behave well, as they probably don’t have a good sense of how big and heavy they are. They are not all about toughness though. Their playfulness, charm, and thick coats make them extremely huggable. While earlier generations of some dogs hunt to kill, Saint Bernards have been used to hunt for rescue. They find lost tourists that are trapped in avalanches by digging blankets of snow. Once they find the trapped and passed out tourists, they drag them back to the villages with their strong jaws. Their selflessness and loyalty make them perfect family pets, but they are still powerful and tall as they have always been.

1. Mastiff

No other breed can match the strength of Mastiffs, a breed popular for its great size and strength. They are 200 pounds of heavy loyalty and protectiveness to the entire family of their dog owners. Their massive sizes are made up of muscles and heavy bones that powered them as war dogs during the ancient civilizations and as police, guard, and family dogs today. They are intimidating and excellent sniffers, which is why it’s bad decision for intruders to come near homes with Mastiffs. Mastiffs have great intuition, and will not think twice in pouncing on lurkers if they sense that they have harmful intentions. They are the strongest dog breed with unparalleled intelligence, trainability, and instinct to protect and defend their owners. To maintain their health and strength, mighty Mastiffs need a protein-heavy diet and an active lifestyle filled with lots of playtime. It’s also good for them to get to bond with owners by taking walks just a little over a kilometer everyday.

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