Top 10 Family Guardian Dogs- Is Your Mastiff One?

How Did It All Start?

For 1000s of years, humans have depended on dogs to help in protection and guarding. Some of the tasks that have been entrusted to our canine friends throughout history are to monitor our farms, homes, temples and property, as well as the protection of their owners from other animals or from strangers and aggressors.

Many people, when adopting a pet, seek concrete and specific qualities, such as being a good watchdog. If you're looking for a dog for your home that, besides being a pet, can also be the guardian of the house, you must get to know the different breeds and their characteristics, in order to choose the ideal dog, Which are the most sought-after traits in a watchdog? Watchdogs must be loyal to their owner, agile, vigilant, courageous, thoughtful and balanced. In addition, they must always be alert to any situation or sound that occurs around them. All dogs to a greater or lesser extent have territorial instincts and are protective towards their family, but there are ideal breeds in which these instincts are more developed. Through years of breeding and selection of specific traits specimens have been able to develop physical and psychological characteristics that favor the task of surveillance. Due to the selective breeding process, some breeds outperform others as guard dogs. Here we bring you ten dog breeds considered among the best guardians for the home. They've been selected for having the temperament, physical strength, courage and endurance for this job.

10. Doberman Pinscher

If you have a large property that you're trying to protect a Doberman is the Watchdog for you They have an extraordinary sense of hearing, are attentive to the slightest noise and make themselves present in an instant before the source of the unusual sound. This breed is incredibly agile, fast and is able to reach an intruder in a short period of time. They are very obedient, since it is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They can be very fierce with those they consider a threat, so caution should be exercised and basic obedience commands taught. Remember that they need constant stimulation through games and physical activity because they're very active, which means they need you to spend at least one hour a day with them.

9. Rottweiler.

They are powerful dogs of great size and strength. They are one of the most intelligent breeds and they're extremely loyal to their owners. Originally raised to watch over livestock, they've been recognized for their super protective instinct. It's powerful bite is well known and surely an intruder will think twice before entering your house. It will not even be necessary for your dog to show you its teeth. Education will be fundamental and very important if you're thinking about getting a Rottweiler, because you must train them properly, so that they know how to distinguish between a visitor and an intruder. Although many people see the Rottweiler as dangerous because of its fixed look and aggressive aspect, it's really a very sweet and affectionate dog, so it is recommended for families with children.

8. German Shepherd

They are loyal, protective, bold, confident and playful, as well as extremely intelligent and quick to learn commands. All these characteristics make them one of the favorite and most common breeds, both for their ability to work as well as for their elegant and athletic body. German Shepherds have a calm demeanor when they're at home, but they can react quickly when their family or property is threatened. They are one of the police's preferred breeds to work with because they are highly trainable and easy to adapt to different environments. They can belong to families with small children because, although their size and expression indicate that they're dangerous, the German Shepherd is very playful and affectionate.

7. Giant Schnauzer

They are powerful, strong and dominant dogs that need stricter training. They can be very distrustful of strangers but are loyal, intelligent and highly protective of their habitat and owners. This breed demands much physical and mental stimulation in addition to requiring constant attention. So if you're thinking about getting a Giant Schnauzer, you'd better organize your schedule so that you can dedicate time to exercise and to play with it. Because they are so intense and powerful, they can be very intimidating but their extreme family loyalty makes them excellent guard dogs.

6. Puli

Don't be fooled by this beautiful ball of hair. Besides being a very active dog that loves the outdoors, it performs the task of guardian very well. Sometimes it even works as a police dog. They are very independent and enjoy the company of their family. They have a loving temperament and are very intelligent, as well as being loyal, curious and lively. They also are very alert which helps them detect any unusual sound or situation. It's important to have them socialize with other dogs, while they still are puppies so they have harmonious relationships with other dogs.

5. Belgian Malinois

They are fast, attentive and intelligent and they are used by the police as excellent defense and guard dogs. They adapt well to active families, since they need a lot of exercise and are very playful dogs. The Belgian Malinois excels in agility, so it requires a home with plenty of space to run and channel their energy. They are highly appreciated for their trained ability and for holding intruders without hurting them.

4. Fila Brasileiro

Also known as the Brazilian Mastiff, it's a very affectionate dog with people he knows. However, it is extremely fierce against intruders who intend to break into its territory, because it is a protective dog by nature. It is a very large dog, and a peculiarity of this breed is that it constantly patrols around the perimeter of the fence that surrounds the property that it takes care of. It is a dog of imposing appearance. Originally, it was used as protection of cattle in great estates. Extremely loyal and devoted to its family it is excellent with children because it is patient, calm, loving and gentle with them. However, if you want to adopt a Brazilian Mastiff, you have to keep in mind that this breed requires an owner who has previous experience with powerful dogs; someone who knows how to be their leader and earn their respect and trust. Despite all its virtues, the Brazilian Mastiff is not a suitable dog for first-time owners, for its high level of protection makes him undoubtedly a very dominant dog. So it is not the best option for a family that receives constant visits in the house.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

This dog has a strong prey drive and tends to have an independent nature. They are loyal and natural guardians. They are selective in their barking so when a Rhodesian Ridgeback barks, you have to take it seriously. When adopting a Rhodesian Ridgeback one must devote a lot of time to its training being consistent in disciplining it, since it is not obedient by nature. Although historically they have fought with lions, they are very affectionate and faithful dogs.

2. Border Collie

Its enormous intelligence and speed enables it to perfectly control and monitor the spaces of a house. They are not large, but it is one of the best options as a guard dog for its ease of training and for being one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exists. They are very loyal to their leader, with whom they forge an unconditional bond, collaborating at all times. Its gaze is one of the main characters, because in the moments of work, it never deviates it from its leader, denoting a capacity for concentration uncommon in dogs. If you decide on a Border Collie, you have to bear in mind that these dogs can feel frustrated and become destructive if they find themselves in an environment where they don't find anything to do, because they need constant activity.

1. Bullmastiff

adopting a bullmastiff

This breed is known for its protective instincts, physical strength, courage and it's great loyalty to its family. Their size and appearance are impressive, and although they are excellent guardians, they are also docile and homeloving dogs that are easy to live with. In their relationship with young children, they are really sweet and affectionate. Although it's not ideal, they can live in an apartment but it is essential to exercise them daily, walking them several times a day for at least 20 minutes. Faced with a threatening situation, they will not hesitate to pounce and throw down those trying to attack you. They are overprotective towards their owners.

Being the owner of a guard dog is a great responsibility, since most of these breeds are dogs with great strength and a marked dominant character, becoming potentially dangerous without good canine training and proper socialization. Remember that being work-oriented breeds, they need you to dedicate time to them in order to channel their energy, so you should organize your schedule to walk and play with your new family member. If you agree or disagree with this guardian dog list, tell us all about it in the comments.

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