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The Risks, Benefits and Expectations of Mastiff Adoption

You love the mastiff breed and you’re considering the option of adoption. Good for you! Adoption has its rewards but also its risks. There are some procedures for adoption that you may not be aware of, unfortunately, it’s not as easy and just going to the shelter and picking one up; fortunately. Let’s go over the pros and cons, what you should be aware of and what to expect when it comes to mastiff adoption.

The Risks of Mastiff Adoptions

Where did the animal come from? How was it raised? How is its health?

When it comes to the past history of an abandoned mastiff, you really only got your assumptions and educated guesses. Shelter and mastiff specialized rescue centers bring in hundreds of mastiffs each year under variation circumstances.

These abandoned mastiffs can be found undernourished, neglected, untrained, under socialized and in poor health. Basic shelters can only do so much; rescue operations will take in a mastiff and put it under foster care, give them vaccinations, some basic training and re-nourish them.

So adoption from a general shelter could be less beneficial then adoption from a foster or rescue operation that specialized in mastiff care. That being said adoption from a rescue operation may initially cost more out of pocket since all rescue efforts have been done.

So the background historical information on an adopted mastiff will most likely be foggy. You will not likely receive the genetic health background of the dog or its documented pedigree; unless you have obtained the mastiff from a previous owner, who originally bought through a breeder.

The Benefits of Mastiff Adoption

For lovers of the Mastiff breed, the initial cost is lower when adopting – sometimes even free. If you adopt from an individual owner – that just can no longer keep a home for the pet – then it’s could be free. However, obtaining an adopted mastiff from a rescue operation will require a “donation”. If obtained from a shelter, a “fee” will be required for the cost of operation. The cost is always lower than a purebred from a breeder; bonus

You feel great. I mean, adoption is a charitable service for these mastiffs, it gives them a second chance at life and really the benefit is mostly yours. Your new companion can add so much love and joy to your life so hey… It’s really a win-win.

What To Expect

When you want to adopt there is a process that many do not anticipate. You will be required to fill out an application, be approved, make a contribution or pay a fee. The application process varies but it could ask you for information regarding your living and life conditions, to ensure the mastiff is going to good home.

If you adopt from an individual then the process can be a little more straightforward, as it’s more of a verbal interview and exchange.

Even after you apply, you may not be accepted, and even if you are accepted there can be a waiting period to receive your mastiff. The delay might be due to the time it takes to completely rehabilitate the dog to health and temperament. Sometimes the delay could be due to no available mastiffs that meet your requirements; basically, you’re on a waiting list

Go visit some shelters and a local mastiff rescue center, if only to ask some questions and go visit.

Be careful you might fall in love!

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All my life I've been in love with one big friendly dopey Mastiff family member after another. No other breed has given me so much pleasure. I care about them as much if not more than most of the people I've ever known and now it's a dream to be able to research and write up everything my team and I have learned and are continuing to learn. Hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing :)

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James says May 5, 2019

THE Bull mastiff IS a great breed. Smart,,loving,protective and loyal,not only to owner n family but to the house he lives in and yards he plays in,,,
Please remember (as with all dogs) they count on you for EVERYTHING in their lives, SO THEIR ARE NO DAY S OFF,,,,He or She is your child,so give him the best and all the love and attention you have because,THEY WILL REPAY IT 100 fold,,, in.memory of THE GREAT BALBOA 5/09_4/19

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