Quick Facts On The Mastiff Club of America

Mastiffs, The “Gentle Giants”

happy mastiff picThere are different breeds of Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs which come from Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, and Tibet – but the most famous breed is that of the English. English Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs can be simply referred to as a Mastiff.

You can visit the MCOA site by clicking here as there is much to learn there regarding the beloved Mastiff breed. If you landed on our site because we have links to the MCOA here, then we’ve done our job by helping you learn more about the Mastiff breed.

Different Mastiff Clubs from the World Over

As mentioned earlier, there are different breeds of Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs which originate from different countries. In each individual country, there could be one or several clubs which aim to protect the breed from being cross-bred with other types of breed out of a mere whim.  For example, you could check out the Mastiff Club of Victoria, in Australia!

In the United States, the clubs which protect Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs include 6 of the following:

  1. Redwood Empire Mastiff Club
  2. Lone Star Mastiff Fanciers
  3. Mastiff Club of America
  4. Midwest Mastiff Fanciers
  5. Pacific Southwest Mastiff Club
  6. Garden State Mastiff Fanciers

What Is The Mastiff Club Of America?

smart mastiffThe Mastiff Club of America. The organization was founded back in 1929. The aim of the Mastiff Club of America is to protect and promote Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs. Some of the goals of the Mastiff Club of America as indicated by their official website are:

  1. To promote and encourage the selective breeding of quality, purebred Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs.
  2. To protect and advance the interest of the Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs.

When you visit the official website of the Mastiff Club of America, there are a lot of things that you will learn about Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs. They have a section which indicates the history of Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs.

The Mastiff Club of America also has an interesting post on how the English Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs should not be in the same league as the so-called American Mastiff. In fact, when you say American Mastiff puppies or American Mastiff dogs, the Mastiff Club of America only recognizes them as a mixed breed of the English Mastiff with another breed like Anatolian Shepherd.

The reason why the Mastiff Club of America is pushing against the cross-breeding of purebred English Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs is that there is no advantage at all when you experiment this way.

The Mastiff Club of America says that you will never know what genetic disease an improper breeding might bring. Rather than the canine enjoying the almost regal bearing of the purebred English Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs, the result could be disastrous in terms of health, temperament and even appearance.

All in all, the Mastiff Club of America is committed to overseeing the health and welfare of the English Mastiff so that its reputation as a gentle giant of a guard dog can be preserved.

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