My Blog Marketing Campaigns

1. My Top Blogging Tip For 2020

Hey Guys! Some of you asked me about how I monetize my blog. Well, after traffic levels had been stagnating for a couple of years ( - google analytics further down), I was starting to lose faith to be honest, despite all the support. I even stopped writing articles for a while as you may have noticed.

For example, on more than one occasion, I spent $1000 on what were really just 15 "half price" guest posts on dog-ish related sites, which basically did nothing but burn a hole in my bank account. I felt it was time to explore some more affordable marketing options and try and stop the bleeding. So I tentatively dove back into the gig cauldron a few months back but this time, after a couple of dodgy ones, I hit the jackpot and my fortunes were really transformed.

2. Who On Earth Did I Use?

So the guy I used is fastandy

who has apparently been a buyer rather than a seller for 7 years but recently turned his hand to selling on fiverr to try and move away from his full time job as SEO consultant. 

Anyway, he was so super friendly that, when he asked me if I'd like to do a review, I couldn't refuse. After all, I did his main gig for a mere $120 and saw my traffic triple over the course of just 3 months! You can't argue with that. Check out my google analytics for proof in the next screen shot. I can honestly say the 2,000 links I got from him paid off so much better than any comparable amount of money such as 2 guest posts I have typically paid for in the past. I feel slightly dumb when I say that but we all learn a new thing every day!

3. The Results Speak For Themselves

Here are my google analytics stats showing how my daily average of around 500/day for the years leading up to October 2019 nearly tripled up to 1,300 (and still rising nicely) in just 3 months. i have hardly done any new articles and no other link marketing or social media that could account for this.

Best of all the gig I used is not "Black Hat", it is simply getting my site out there onto lots of forum profiles etc, related to dogs or otherwise. We all have to be proactive to get our names and websites out there to promote ourselves and hopefully build a bigger presence in the search engines. If that's manipulating the system, then everyone is doing it!

4. So Which Gig Did I Use?

At the time I bought this gig

I was not optimistic as so many of gigs and other link packages turn out to be disappointing, if not downright counter-productive. I even had to do a mass disavow once, which was sad and frustrating.

Anyway, everything claimed in the gig is (remarkably) true and the reports I got backing it up with hard proof were excellent. I've never seen anything like it and I will be continuing to use him along with my usual blog outreach efforts (which are way more work) for the foreseeable future. 🙂

5. What Other Gigs Are On Offer?

I've listed all of the gigs offered by fastandy below, at the time of writing (jan 3 2020). They have my 100% backing! It's just a matter of seeing which ones suit your link profile best.

Remember to contact fiverr sellers first as it's generally best to discuss matters first. You can also get sample reports of what to expect and potentially negotiate a custom offer tailored to your particular circumstances. Good luck!


  1. Link profiles are only 1 part of a successful blog. High quality authoritative, regular content that visitors of the blog enjoy and spend time reading, revisiting and sharing is a huge part too 🙂
  2. Gathering links too quickly could be risky for new sites. These gigs are recommended for established, not brand new, sites.
  3. Everything I have said on this page is true to the best of my knowledge. Your results may vary but I promise you will not spend a fortune finding out and the upside/risk factor is well worth it 🙂