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How to Groom Your Brindle Mastiff

Brindle Mastiff Grooming Tips

No doubt about it. Mastiffs, and other Molosser type breeds, are a sight to behold with their large bodies. Molosser types are, in fact, among the largest breed of dogs in terms of mass. Generally, they give off an impression of power and strength – no matter from which angle one decides to view them.

The standard height (at the shoulder) for this breed, according to the American Kennel Club, is 30 inches for males and 27.5 inches for females. And with their massive bodies, they can weigh about 150-250 pounds for males and 120-200 pounds for females.

Also notable about them are the variety of colors that they come in. The mastiff colors are typically fawn or apricot, and sometimes you may get a black colored mastiff or a brindle mastiff. The colors are easy enough to imagine.

The brindle, on the other hand, is a pattern coat coloring found in some animals. To make it easier to imagine, the brindle is sometimes described as tiger stripes – just that the brindle is more subtle than an actual tiger’s coat.

General Grooming

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In any case, taking care of your mastiff’s coat might be a concern for you now if you’re worried about your dog’s appearance. Don’t worry too much about it, though, since grooming a Mastiff should be simple enough.

Save for a few Molosser type breeds, most Mastiffs have a short coat. And short coats are easy to brush. You can save yourself the trouble of bathing your pet mastiff for times when it gets very dirty. Other than this you’ll only have to worry about regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care.


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As with everything you need to do for your pet, you should also start getting that mastiff used to being groomed. Start as soon as you take it home.

Not only is brushing your dog regularly a good way to spend some quality time, it also has its uses. It removes loose hair and dead skin cells. It also distributes skin oils and helps ensure that the coat is shiny and pleasing to look at.

When brushing your pet, remember to avoid brushes with long or sharp bristles. In the beginning, despite your best intentions, you may notice that the puppy or the young dog might be uncomfortable with it but it will soon get used to it and will learn to patiently sit still for a while as you brush its coat and clean its eyes and ears.

Baths For Your Mastiff

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Finally, it is actually rare for a Mastiff to need a bath. The time when you will need to give your brindle mastiff a bath is when they are exceptionally dirty (don’t be fooled by their coat pattern!) or if you are perhaps entering them in a dog show.

When you start out, the mastiff puppy will fit into a tub and you’ll have no problem. But as the months go by, you’ll quickly notice that you will need to move out to a bigger space – like out in the yard.

Make sure you wear clothes that you won’t mind getting wet because there will be a lot of shaking, and general movements of your big wet dog. Also be sure to gather everything you need before starting to bathe your pet – you don’t want to leave it alone for a minute only to find that it has made a mess.

You will need a lot of towels, cotton balls to put in its ears and keep the water out, and of course a dog shampoo.

Happy grooming your Brindle!

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