How To Find The Best Puppy Day Care For Your Puppy?

Day care is a really important thing if you have a busy schedule and your puppy needs some extra socialization and playtime. Day care can be something that you should definitely utilize. Greetings to my readers I am from 360 dog walker. In this article we are going to talk about how to find the best puppy day care for your puppy?

Rest time should be required

So, first thing I am going to talk about is on selecting the right day care for your puppy by making sure you choose a place that provides rest time for your puppy. It is the first and foremost tip. That’s important because there is ongoing trend right now about all day play. People with their dog businesses they are saying hey, bring your puppy here because they are going to get to play all day and I am pretty sure you think and yeah! Wow! that is going to be the best bang for my buck, right. My puppy used to go and play all day why wouldn’t I want them playing all day.

Well unfortunately we have seen from first-hand experiences often times these are the places there most likely to have injuries, road rashes and stuff like that. Puppies eventually get tired up even the most energetic puppies get tired up, and they start to get tired and cranky towards the end of the day. That’s when we start to see little road rash and stuff like that breaking out because of the fact that puppies need the rest time. So, it’s very important to choose a place that doesn’t due the old all day play thing.

Dog To Human Ratios Are Very Important

Tip number two is going to be to make sure that you pick the place that has a good puppy to human ratio. I am absolutely terrified when I get called in to consult for the puppy day cares and they say, we need you to come and help us because we are having some problems. I go there and consult them with these puppies day care and they got the huge play groups. Sometimes 30, 40 I even see those as much as 56 puppies in a room with one person. This is totally unfair with the puppies and their owners who trust them to have their puppies in their absence.

Pick A Place Where A Human Is Present At All Times

Tip number three, do not go to any day care that doesn’t have monitored play time. I went a day care before where they had the puppies in one separate room and they had one person going around from room to room to check on the puppies. But there were ample amounts of time that the dogs were in the room playing by themselves without anyone in there. Puppies should always be in the room with the person.

Unfortunately, accidents can just happen all too quickly so you need to make sure that there is a person who is in the room with the puppies all the times. If they don’t offer that I would strongly encourage to go elsewhere.

Make outdoor space a priority

The last tip is to make sure you go to a place that has outdoor space for your puppy. I have seen a lot of times where some place has a retile outdoor mall type of thing and the puppies are indoors for the entire duration of day care. I have seen a couple of problems with this number, one problem I have seen this you have done such a good job, training your puppy to not potty in the house that they train like that, and then when they went to the day care, they are not supposed to pee indoor either. So, I am actually seeing the puppies get used to the day care just because of the fact that they are indoors and they refused to pee or poop while they are at the day care so that starts to create some health problems.


So again, make sure, if you are picking up a puppy day care for your puppy, always consider the tips listed above. These are the tips that will help you with finding the best puppy day care for your beloved puppy. If you need any kind of assistance, feel free to consult with 360 dog walker, our experts will guide you better with your queries.

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