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Finding The Right Mastiff Kennels

It really doesn’t matter what breed of dog you own. You definitely want to know that your dog is well taken care of while you’re on vacation or out of town for several days. But when you own a Mastiff, you have an additional concern. You want to know that those who staff the kennel know how to handle your baby. You want to be sure to find the right mastiff kennels.

Are Boarding Kennels Suitable For You

boarding kennelWithout a doubt, every boarding kennel has a unique personality. Not every kennel suits every dog owner. As an owner of a mastiff, you may have to search a little more than the average dog owner for one that you – and your dog – like.

It’s just not realistic to think that your guarding breed will do anything but continue guarding while he’s being boarded. That means – considering the number of different people as well as dogs your Mastiff encounters in this situation – this situation may be stressful for him. Obviously, your Mastiff would prefer not to be placed in this situation where he feels he needs to continually guard his new territory.

This doesn’t even take into account that the fact that your loyal friend will also miss you terribly. Don’t be surprised if your Mastiff shows signs of separation anxiety. Of course, you need to make sure that the kennel will be able to meet the need of dogs mastiff.

Only you can decide if you Mastiff will “survive” the kennel experience while you’re gone. You can boost the odds that your pet will board well by choosing your kennel very carefully.

Ask before you make arrangements if the staff has experience boarding Mastiffs. If the staff has never boarded one of these very special dogs before, you need to keep looking. When you find one who knows about Mastiffs, then it’s time to visit it.

The kennel, physically, should not only be clean, but it should smell clean as well. The bedding the dogs use should also be clean and look “comfy” for your dog. All the sleeping areas should be dry as well as free from drafts.

Be sure that your Mastiff has access to an outside exercise area during the day. He should also have access to water at all times.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the feeding schedule your dog will be on. It should, ideally, stay as close to his home schedule as possible.

Dogs_running_freeIn addition to this, find out how much the staff knows about their borders. Not only that, but feel them out about how much they know about dogs in general. While you don’t expect them to be experts, the staff should have a love of dogs and some type of knowledge in this area.

If you start boarding your Mastiff while he’s young – even as young as six months – then he’ll generally become acclimated to the environment there. And it’s best to use the same kennel every time. Not only will the staff get to know your dog better, but your Mastiff also won’t feel as if the employees are “strangers”. He’ll feel less like he has to “guard” his territory constantly.

One final note: consider a “trial” boarding. Have your Mastiff spend a day or so at the kennel when you’re not out of town. That way if it turns out not to work, you can pick him out. Then again, the chances are that the arrangement will work. So that when you do go out of town, you won’t have to worry needlessly.

You know your mastiff needs extra attention. That’s just the way the breed is. And it’s partially why you love him so. Don’t hesitate to put extra time and energy into your search for a kennel that knows the special character traits of the Mastiff and is willing to give him the time and energy he needs.

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