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Dog Hair Shedding And Grooming Tips

Why Do Dogs Shed Hair?

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Dog shedding is the natural process by which dogs shed their hair. Dogs shed their dead hair due to two reasons mainly. One of the reasons is seasonal changes in temperature. This happens when the season changes from hot to cold and the dogs require a warm coat. Again when the season changes from cold to hot, they replace their warm coat with a softer coat of light hair. Some breeds like the Siberian Husky have double coats. That is to say, they have one soft undercoat and a coarse top coat. This breed sheds profusely.

The process of dog shedding is also known as blowing of coats. This describes heavy shedding which takes place twice a year. Once it takes place during the spring and once it takes place during the fall, just before the winter. But sometimes dogs may continue shedding throughout the year. This happens mainly with the dogs who stay indoors most of the time.

They are kept under insulation from the extremes in outside temperature. So when they go outside, their body registers a change in indoor and outdoor temperatures. So they shed throughout the year. This is natural. But if your dog sheds abnormally then it is better to see a vet. Often abnormal shedding is accompanied by a rampage of fleas and ticks and then it is always good to consult a specialist.

How To Control Hair Shedding

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To control dog shedding, you need to groom your dog properly. He should be kept clean. He should be bathed regularly according to the breed and should have a healthy diet and proper sleep and exercise. It can be very annoying to find chunks of hair all around the room even after dusting. Some of the breeds shed more profusely than the others. But you have to accept the responsibility of being a parent. A dog is like a child. Human children grow up. But dogs stay the same year after year. Well, that is one of the reasons we love them, isn’t it?

Keeping your dog clean is one of the most primary ways to reduce dog shedding. The slicker brush is a very convenient option with which you can brush your dog. The advantage of using a slicker brush is that it keeps the hair from falling on the ground or your furniture. Grooming should be done once a week. You should press the brush firmly across the dog’s body and pull it down unless the hair becomes smooth.

For breeds which have double coats, it is advisable to use an undercoat rake. This helps to pull out the loose undercoat. Always remember, keeping your dog healthy and proper grooming is the first step to regulate shedding. But it is a natural process and therefore cannot be stopped completely.

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