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6 Easy Steps to Stop Leash Pulling

Many dog owners face a serious problem whenever they are taking their dog for a walk. As soon as any distractions appear, the dog starts pulling on the leash to get where he wants to get. And guess what usually happens? Dog owners follow wherever their dog is pulling. In fact, now the owner is […]

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You Can Teach A Dog New Tricks! What To Do With Your Angry Dog

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ (Well not easily anyway) I’m sure you’ve all heard that when learning something new it’s always best to learn it right the first time and that it takes a lot of work to undo bad habits. Well, dogs are no different and its best to get it […]

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7 Top Tips to Help Your Puppy Love His New Crate

Crate training a dog is a process in which a dog becomes accustomed to the crate and accepts it as a safe and familiar location. Crate training enables dog owners to travel with their pets, leave their dog alone and prevents damaging of their possessions. It usually takes some time for a dog to accept […]

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Sit, Stay, Settle…7 Commands for a Polite Puppy!

There are many dog training tips, but certain commands are a must for your dog. There are so many dog training tips available, and it can be hard to know which are right. Positive reinforcement, where you reward good behavior, works best for most dogs. Don’t ignore bad behavior, though. Correct your dog’s bad behavior […]

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5 Conditioning Techniques That Teach Your Dog to Stop Biting

The Difference Between Playful and Aggressive Biting If your dog seems to get a little over excited while playing and often nips or play bites you may need to do some reconditioning to teach him what an acceptable bite force is. Depending on the age of your dog, you can expect different behavior but if […]

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Can I Keep My Garden and My Dog? How To Stop Dog Digging!

Is it Okay for My Dog to Dig? There are two very different opinions when it comes to dogs and their digging habits. At one end of the spectrum, you have those who believe that dogs will be dogs and digging is in their nature so it’s cruel to stop them doing so. That we […]

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Help My Dog is Eating Poop! How Can I Stop Him?

Eating poop is one of the most disgraceful habits many dogs have. Scientifically known as coprophagia, this common dog behavior problem worries many dog owners. After all, who wants their beloved dog’s breath to smell like poop? Furthermore, coprophagia also poses threats to your dog’s health—dogs that eat other animal’s poop are much more likely […]

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Learning Vs Ethology Based Dog Training Techniques

Different Methods of Dog Training One of the first decisions new dog owners have to make is choosing the most effective dog training technique. There are many different training techniques, each having its own supporters and opponents. However, they all can be divided into two broad groups: learning-based and ethology-based dog training techniques. Learning-based dog […]

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Noisy Dog! 5 Causes & 5 Solutions for Excessive Barking

Like it or not, but dogs naturally do bark. They bark to express themselves and communicate with others. It is totally normal if your dog barks once in a while; however, regular excessive barking is considered to be a dog behavior problem. 5 Causes of Excessive Dog Barking Before you can treat your dog’s excessive […]

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mastiff jumping

7 Handy Hints To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

There are few things more annoying than a dog jumping up on every person he meets. Such behavior often leads to dirty clothes, disturbed guests or even health risks if the dog jumps on children or elderly people. Luckily, with the aid of proper and consistent dog training, it’s not too hard to stop your […]

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