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15 FAQs About Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs are a very loyal, affectionate, tolerant and an intelligent breed. Are they good with children? As a mother of four we asked the same question, and now being owners and breeders for over ten years we certainly could say that the Bullmastiff loves children, they are a very large affectionate, tolerant breed that is […]

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American Mastiff grumpy

The American Mastiff…The Perfect Family Pet?

Why American Mastiffs Have Fewer Complications? Mastiffs are known for three traits: dignity, courage, and dedication to their masters. With their large and mighty bodies combined with their natural protective instinct and extreme loyalty, they are great as guard dogs. On the other hand, dogs of this breed can also be surprisingly gentle and through […]

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The English Mastiff Breed

All About the English Mastiff The English Mastiff is one of the best-known types of Mastiff and one of the highest ranking when it comes to guard dog duty. The English Mastiff certainly has “presence” and will guarantee that any strangers that encounter it will think again about trespassing on its territory. You may describe […]

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Mastiff puppies

Finding Your Perfect Mastiff Puppy!

Is This the Puppy for Me? Making the decision to buy a mastiff puppy is an important one and it is crucial to examine your lifestyle and study the mastiff breed thoroughly beforehand.  You must be totally sure that the mastiff is right for you and your family. Once you are certain that the mastiff […]

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How to Interact With Your Neapolitan Mastiff

Understanding Your Neapolitan Mastiff When you first see Neapolitan mastiffs, it is very understandable to feel slightly intimidated by their appearance. These dogs have large, rectangular bodies; a massive head; and a wrinkled face giving it a brutish appearance rather than amiable. These dogs also move slowly – to the point of seeming colossal – […]

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French Mastiff

The Hidden Temperament Behind French Mastiffs

A Great Family Pet French Mastiffs, also known as Dogue de Bordeaux and Bordeaux mastiffs, are among the very ancient French dog breeds. Similar to all mastiffs, this one also exudes an imposing presence with its strong and powerful appearance. Their bodies are very muscular, so it isn’t surprising where their power comes from. In […]

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Bullmastiff Breeders – Don’t Get Scammed & Know Your Breeder!

Mastiff Breeding – Standards and Issues Before a breeder starts their venture into mastiff breeding, they must know that there are some things which they must first consider. Breeding is found by many first-timers to be exhausting, expensive. Even the female dogs have a hard time out of it. It’s one of those ventures where […]

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Mastiff Info – The Five Breed Standards

Dog breeds accepted into kennel or breed clubs have a standard of excellence that should tell any owner and any beginner breeder what the ideal for their preferred breed is. For breeders, this standard is what helps them determine the qualities that are necessary for them to pick, and what issues they need to address […]

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Bandog Picture

The American Bandog Mastiff Breed

A Fascinating Breed Unlike many other breeds, the Bandog Mastiff is not technically a “purebred” breed. At present, the breed isn’t recognized by any kennel clubs, but these wonderful dogs possess an ancestry that is part American Pit Bull Terrier and part Neapolitan Mastiff, even though the breed is only 40 years old. The most […]

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south african boerboel mastiff breed feat

The South African Boerboel Mastiff Breed

The Boerboel Mastiff – Born to Guard If there’s one thing that sets the Boerboel mastiff from the other mastiff breeds, it is that this particular breed has the reputation as being the best guard dog among the lot. That should say a lot since, generally speaking, mastiffs are born to be very protective of […]

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