Advice On Training A Wolf Hybrid Dog And Puppy

When a puppy is young, Training A Wolf Hybrid or Training a Wolfdog with a crate are options. Use a high-quality, heavy-duty crate like the Kong Company. To ensure safety, you may secure any areas that can be opened with zip ties, carabiners, or bungee cords. You can provide items that the puppy will love so that it doesn’t seem like a bad place. Close the door, place him in the cage and give him some treats. Keep him inside for only a few seconds, then let him go. Continue this until he runs excitedly into the crate. Then, slowly increase the amount of time he spends in there before you let them out.

Consider a larger space if your wolf-hybrid puppy is stressed out by the crate.

The same principles can be used for crate training, but with a larger area like a laundry room or bathroom with a baby gate. It is best to use a gate with screws that can be locked to the wall and cannot be removed like one with pressure.
Some wolf dog puppies will not be allowed to live in a home because of their anxiety or extreme destructive behavior. You might consider building an enclosed run that your wolf dog can use to rest when you are not there. You will need to make sure your wolf dog is safe as he grows.

Obedience Training for Wolf Hybrid Puppy
The same principles that you learned when training a dog to behave in certain obedience behaviors, such as sitting, staying, coming when called, and more, will apply to wolf hybrids. This will be more difficult if the hybrid exhibits an instinctual behavior.

A wolf-wolf hybrid who is shy may become easily distracted by learning outside. Train him to be quiet and low-decretion places like inside your home.
If your dog is doing well at training at home, he should only be able to move outside. This applies only to training and not at the beginning. You want to take him out as often as possible for socialization and as many times as he is comfortable with.

Wolf hybrids are not like domestic dogs in that they have no instinctive behaviors to work alongside humans. You will need to work harder to get your wolf hybrid to cooperate with training. To keep him focused, give him “high-value” treats such as hot dogs, chicken, and cheese. He will not continue to be interested in regular dry dog biscuits. Keep your sessions short by working in small chunks. This will prevent your wolf-wolf hybrid puppy becoming frustrated and stressed.

Positive Reinforcement
When working with animals, you should use positive reinforcement and avoid punishment. This is especially true for wolf hybrids, who will require extra reinforcement in order to succeed regardless of whether they are shy or more interested in people.

Clicker training is a great option because it allows you quickly to tell your puppy when he’s doing well.
Clicker training can be a great option for shy dogs as it allows you to give them more space and reward him with treats from further away. You can click him to reward him for doing something well and give him a treat. Then, work with him to get closer to his comfort zone.

Ask for help
It can be difficult to train a wolf-wolf hybrid puppy. Don’t hesitate asking for assistance from a trained professional. Your puppy’s behavior will change as they grow up, so it is important to start laying the foundation now. It will be a huge help to work with a professional that can coach you.

Walking with a Wolf-Puppy hybrid
Locating a trainer for a Wolf Hybrid Puppy, Behavior Consultant recommends that you find a trainer or behavior coach who has worked with non-domestic wolf hybrids and canids such as at Before you meet with the trainer, make sure they use positive reinforcement-based training methods. Many trainers can be contacted remotely if you are unable to find one in your area.

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