Hi everyone and welcome to my website MastiffMaster.com. I have to tell you that I am not bashful about admitting that I thoroughly love dogs. Over the years I have trained several Mastiffs for companionship, obedience, tracking, and some rescue work. I am now too old to physically get involved in the training but I can certainly help you, by providing you with good sound dogs training information that works.

As you can tell I’m not a very good website builder but I assure you the dogs training info that I provide will be invaluable and free too! Free is good, right!! In addition to the web info, I will be providing a Free monthly newsletter whereby we get right into the nitty-gritty of dogs training with plenty of lighter subjects thrown in.

What I often find though is that dog owners don’t really “know” their dog. Your dog knows more about your habits than you know about yourself. An example of this is my latest Mastiff, “Kiara”. She would see me put my fire Department uniform on and would roll over and go back to sleep. As soon as I put the blue jeans on he knew that he would be spending the day with me and wouldn’t let me out of his site.

On the whole, most dog breeds want to please. When making your dog selection ask yourself “is this breed right for you and your family”? There are breeds that do not like to be last in the family pecking order. What do you expect your dog to be like? Obedient right? A Mastiff’s lifespan is around 7-8 years. Are you prepared to go the full 10 yards? Look forward to helping you solve your dog’s training issues.

Good Luck!