7 Top Tips for Preventing Allergies in Your Dog

If a person wants great companionship, they know it is available in a wonderful canine friend. They depend on you to look after their every need and give you so much love and affection in return. You want them to be happy and healthy and never have a reason to need dog allergies treatment, but they can have conditions that need attention. Let’s take a look at 7 Top Tips To preventing allergies in dogs.

#1: Give Them Regular Baths

dog in bath

Regular bathing prevents many diseases. Humans usually take a bath every day to prevent odors, but bathing also helps to keep people from developing skin conditions. Canines also need to be bathed regularly to prevent build up of dirt and grime in their coats. Make sure to clean their ears so they don’t get ear mites which cause them to scratch them constantly.

#2: Keep an Eye on Thier Dog Food

Try changing brands of dog food. Take the time to read the labels on the brands you have been feeding. Certain artificial preservatives are known to have allergic reactions in canines. Those which use grape seed extract are a better choice because it is an all natural preservative. Also, take note of any human foods you allow them to have. Sometimes table scraps can contain something the dog is allergic to.

#3: Get Out and About

Nervous dogs can develop skin conditions. Canines can get a nervous itch from being high strung. Certain breeds are naturally full of more energy than other breeds. Work animals are especially energetic and taking them to a nice dog park could provide them with plenty of friends to run and play with. Teach them to play fetch with tennis balls and enjoy spending many hours getting plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise with your canine friend.

#4: Play With Toys

dog with toy

Proper exercise can keep your dog healthier. There are some months of the year when weather conditions make it impossible to get outside and spend enough time getting exercise. Indoor dog toys can help keep them occupied, but mental energy can be used up by playing games with them that require them to think things through. Hide and seek can be great fun for a dog, especially if the objects to be found are their favorite doggie treats.

#5: Provide Them With Plenty of Water

The human body is made up mostly of water and this is why we are told to drink plenty of liquids. The same holds true for canines, who actually do sweat from glands in their paws. If you are gone to work during the day, make sure they have plenty of water until you return because dogs can get serious skin conditions from lack of sufficient liquids.

#6: Add Vitamin and Mineral Supplements to Their Diet

Most commercial brands of dog food are supposed to have all of the vitamins and minerals a dog could need. However, the labels should state that this is for the average dog. Some canines need more of a particular vitamin than others, so it is a good idea to find out more about doggie supplements. These can be found in chewable form that have flavors dogs like.

#7: Have Regular Vet Checkups

People have regular doctor visits and pets need to have regular checkups too. A good veterinarian will keep them examined for any signs of possible skin conditions and help avoid needing dog allergies treatment. Annual vaccinations and regular worming can help keep your canine friend strong, healthy and happy for many enjoyable years.

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