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5 Tips for Dog Arthritis: Increase Your Dog’s Mobility

How Does Arthritis Affect Dogs?

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65% of dogs will get arthritis before the age of 7. Now owners are turning to treatments to help eliminate joint pain and increase their dog’s mobility & flexibility.

Let’s face it, getting old is tough, especially if you have 4 legs, a furry coat, and floppy ears. Dogs have a multitude of diseases and conditions that they have to deal with. One of the most common is Dog Arthritis. This condition affects your pet in many ways, including…

  1. Decreased mobility & flexibility, resulting in laziness.
  2. Pain due to inflammation of tissue.
  3. Diminished muscle tone & form.
  4. Weight loss & fever.

Unfortunately, Dog Arthritis can make everyday tasks painful, and sometimes impossible for your pet. Like afternoon walks, chasing squirrels, going upstairs, and playing fetch. Fortunately, there are things we can do as owners to help our little friends reduce their pain levels, increase their mobility, and help keep them healthy.

Tip #1: Don’t Push Your Dog Too Hard

Instead of taking your dog for a long walk once a day, why don’t you take your dog on 2 shorter walks, one in the morning and one in the evening? The shorter walks will be easier on your dog’s joints while providing them with the exercise they need to keep healthy and happy.

Tip #2: Vegetables are Good for Them Too

Believe it or not, dogs need vegetables too. They contain many beneficial vitamins that are not found in their everyday diet. Try to give your dog vegetables such as asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and parsley. If they don’t like the taste, mix it in with their food so they don’t notice.

Tip #3: Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief Spray

Treating them with a joint pain relief spray is one of the most effective, and most immediate ways to help them with their Arthritis. Many owners have seen an immediate increase in the mobility and energy levels in their pets. Natural herb Kratom plant leaves are excellent for pets’ arthritis pain relief. According to research, the two primary alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine have opioid receptor agonist effects and are potential analgesic.

Tip #4: Massage’em

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Massage has many health benefits for your pooch. Including…

  1. Increase in circulation
  2. Increase in flexibility and mobility
  3. Decrease in pain and inflammation
  4. Relief of muscle aches and stiffness
  5. A sense of overall relaxation and wellness

Tip #5: Raise Your Dog’s Food Bowl

You may be noticing that your dog is eating less. This may be because it is so hard to eat! Help your dog by placing its food bowl on an elevated spot. This way, it doesn’t have to strain its neck when eating. This step can alleviate the pain associated with Dog Arthritis and further reduce the risks of arthritis attacks.

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