English Mastiff Puppies

5 Reasons to Buy English Mastiff Puppies

Mastiff puppies are adorable, furry and best of all they become part of your family making great companions.  So what makes them a better choice over any other breed? Although mastiff puppies grow to be huge dogs, they are also hugely loved by people. They’re very social and great with children. If you do choose a large dog like the Mastiff, you should be prepared for raising and training this “Gentle Giant.”

Mastiff puppies are so cute when you bring them home and soon become great big lovable family dogs.  Mastiff puppies do require large yards to run, play and exercise in.  Grooming is very minimal compared to many other breeds. Brushing weekly and bathing monthly is really all they need to help control their shedding. Unless of course, you decide to show your Mastiff puppies.

Their life expectancy is around eight to twelve years. On the downside, the Mastiff breed is prone to developing bone cancer.

Here is a brief look into the history of the English Mastiff breed, they are the largest of all Mastiff breeds and most other breeds when you take both height and weight into consideration.

This is a noble, stately, and dignified animal that has a long proud history. English Mastiffs were used as guard dogs, and even warriors for many years, protecting both the peasant families and those of nobility.

English Mastiff puppies are extremely loyal to their family, and going to great lengths to protect them. As a matter of fact, the English Mastiff is considered to be one of the world’s top guard dogs. With their enormous muscular body, they are considered one of the largest dogs in the world.

The male Mastiff puppies will grow to approximately 160 to 245 pounds while females weigh in at about 140 to 190 pounds. Mastiffs are known for their large broad heads and having a shoulder height of about 30 inches for males and 24 inches for females.

So if you are in the market for a new dog, maybe you should consider Mastiff puppies. Why? Here are a few reasons-

1) An Extraordinary Breed

The English Mastiff is short haired with a short muzzle. They are marked with a black mask around the nose, eyes, and tips of their ears. Eyes of English Mastiff puppies are generally dark, small and hazel.

2) Powerful Guard Dogs

Naturally born to protect, it is instinctive for them to protect their home, family and the grounds around them.  They naturally become defensive as strangers approach their masters. They unbelievably place themselves between their masters and any stranger. They are really intriguing to watch when they are protecting their masters.

3) Brilliant workers and Companions

Although most people are not looking for an English Mastiff for work, they can be trained for cart pulling and such. As a companion, they are good-natured, patient, calm and laidback. They can be very scary to strangers due to their huge and powerful physique. Mastiff puppies become extremely loyal adults who are devoted to their masters and families.  They have been noted for their eagerness to please their human family. English Mastiff dogs are both well mannered and intelligent making them easy to train as puppies. They can be very dominating (not aggressive), so you must always retain control, simply because of their size.

4) Gentle With kids

English Mastiff puppies and adults are intelligent, steady and gentle when it comes to kids. They are so gentle with children as they see them as smaller puppies, and area very cautious around them. This makes them a great choice for a family dog.

5) Socially Established

English Mastiff puppies or adults do not generally fight with other dogs unless it is to defend themselves. This makes it easy to have them around other breeds or animals in the house or even at the park.

So with all of the history and the positives about English Mastiff puppies, you are surely making an excellent choice if making a Mastiff part of your family.

Mastiff Dog Breed Health And Care Tips

Mastiff Dog Breed HealthAmazingly Mastiff puppies are not any harder to care for than most any other breed of dog. They really just want lots of patience, love, and playtime. English Mastiff puppies are loving and honorable companions. Despite their large size, they can be both backyard dogs or they also make wonderful inside dogs. Mastiff puppies need to be part of the family building a social relationship and treated as part of the family. This socialization is key to Mastiff puppies being raised to healthy, adjusted adult Mastiffs.

If you are going to raise them inside, a large house is naturally the best but they can be raised inside a smaller house as long as you keep them on an exercise routine.

Although mastiff puppies have a natural tendency to be very well behaved in the home, you will need to be on the lookout for the “wagging tail.” Their tail seems to be just the right height for knocking everything off of the table. If you work with your Mastiff puppies, they can easily be trained not to steal food off the table or other such bad behavior; although if they get really quite you may need to find out what they are up to!

Mastiffs are not known for their barking but don’t discount that for not being aware. Although quietly, they are usually very aware of what is going on around them or what is not usual.  They will usually let you know if something unusual is going on or if a stranger approaches.

If you let your Mastiff know a stranger is friendly, they will accept that everything is okay. Mastiffs have a good sense about people, so if they seem uneasy around someone, there might be a good reason to pay heed. Although Mastiffs are not really supposed to be guard dogs, they do pay attention to their surroundings. When your Mastiff lives inside and they then go out in the yard, they often make their rounds around to ensure everything is secure or like it is supposed to be.

When considering Mastiff puppies, bear in mind they can be expensive to raise and maintain. They really don’t eat as much as you might expect but still, it is nowhere comparable to what a smaller dog breed would eat. Mastiff puppies start out with less but by the time they reach adults, they can go through about 40 to 80 lbs of dog food in a month.

Mastiff puppies again are not any more expensive than any other breed for most standard health issues but as they become adults, this can change. Since many dosages are based on the mass of the dog, it will naturally take more for an adult Mastiff.

While Mastiff puppies may not be the breed for just anyone, they are a wonderful addition to a family. Owning Mastiff puppies can be a big responsibility, but it will reward you a million times over with the love and loyalty you receive in return.

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