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5 Most Common Reasons for a Bullmastiff Rescue

Top 5 Rescue Reasons

dog rescueIf you’re considering using a shelter or rescue service to find your new bullmastiff; have I got a treat for you! You’re on your way to making an excellent decision and making a new friend and I encourage you in your pursuit. In fact here are five additional reasons why adopting a bullmastiff from a rescue is one of the best decisions you’ll make in your lifetime!

1. A Bargain Buy

Sure money is a factor when it comes to making a decision on a new dog, but it’s not everything. In the case of a transaction with a rescue organization such as Mastiff club of America, the cost is significantly lower when you compare it to buying directly from a reputable breeder.

You should know (if you don’t already) that rescue operations will require a minimum donation to be made to cover the costs of the mastiff’s rehabilitation. It is also courteous to donate more to this operation, as your contributions will be used to provide further servicing to the mastiff community; a shelter will also work on this principle.

So it’s not free but it will certainly be a huge discount on a pure-bred bull mastiff; not to mention that it sets an example to others…

2. Setting an Example

There are a lot of nay-Sayers out there when you mention pure breed adoption from shelters and rescue operations. But sometimes you just got to do what you know is right and this type of example sends out a powerful message. By adopting a bullmastiff, other people will see the charity you extended to a bullmastiff that turns out to be a great pet; and this opens up a whole new possibility in the minds of others about adoption and rescue services.

So lead by example by doing something that feels amazing…

3. It Feels Amazing

You know, that bullmastiff that was once abandoned, hungry, and then eventually found will love nothing more than to belong to someone. It’s every dog’s nature is to establish companionship, and the mastiff breed is no exception, in fact, it’s even more socially sensitive. Imagine being that owner of a once lost dog. You become the sole reason for a life continued, a second chance for this mastiff to live healthy and happy; Wow, doesn’t that feel great.

Feel even better knowing that you’ll be supporting a good cause.

4. Support a Good Cause

happy mastiffsThere are literally hundreds of mastiffs rescued every year by various organizations; the bullmastiff is just one part of that. By adopting from rescue organizations you’re not only contributing to a good cause, but you’re also subtracting from an evil one.

The “evil” Puppy farms and pet-shops are major contributors to the devaluation of bullmastiffs. If you were to purchase from a pet-shop your “vote” in terms of money goes to line the pockets of those who unethically practice breeding solely for profit. But if your rescue a bull mastiff from a rescue center or shelter, these types of unethical breeding practices will no longer be funded by you.

5. You Win the Most; Without Trying

It’s not a service and it’s not a duty to rescue a bullmastiff; it’s a pleasure. You may be a hero for giving that cute brown-eyed creature a home. But it’s hard not to be humble when you know that your new companion adds so much more to your life.

Imagine for a minute, how your bullmastiff will get you going out of the house more, socializing and becoming more active and healthy. You will realize the warmth that comes with an addition that makes your family feel more complete. You will know what it’s like to be celebrated every time you come home and meaning of unconditional love.

That’s it; those are my top five reasons to use your local rescue organization. Now go out there and find your new bull mastiff!

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