10 Reasons Your Dog Should Have a Dog Life Jacket

Your four legged friend will want to join you on an adventure. Dog swimming safety is just as important as a dog seat belt in the car. Take your dog to the lake for a day, but make sure they are safe and sound. Do dogs require life jackets? Yes. Yes! Your dog will be proud to swim, whether they are boating, on the beach, at the lake or in a kayak. It’s an opportunity for you to spend quality time outdoors with your dog, and it provides a refreshing swim. To ensure your dog’s safety, make swimming enjoyable by packing a life vest. Are you unsure if your dog needs a life jacket or not? Here are 10 reasons why a life jacket is essential for your dog’s safety and well-being. Check out this comprehensive kuoser dog life jacket┬álist for a breakdown of the best.

  1. Not all dogs are built to swim.
    It’s easy to believe that all dogs are naturally-born swimmers. We’ve all heard about the doggy paddle. Some dogs, no matter how large or small, have difficulty staying afloat and may need some flotation aids. It all comes down to how buoyant and healthy a dog is. Greyhounds, for example, have low levels of body fat so they don’t float as much. Bulldogs and Pugs, on the other hand, have large, girthy chests which make them heavy in water. Extra small breeds such as Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus can be strong swimmers but become tired quickly. The doggie flotation device is your answer! Outward Hound’s dog jackets keep even the most stubborn simmers safe in the water.
  2. The most skilled dog swimmers can get tired too.
    Some breeds are better suited for the water than others, such as the Portuguese Water Dog, with its webbed feet and the Labrador Retriever which was designed to swim well. Let’s face the truth, most dogs don’t know when it’s time to stop. A dog life jacket is essential for swimmers who aren’t experienced. Even the most skilled dog swimmers can get tired quickly in the water. The Standley Sport Experienced Swimmer Dog Life jacket is the right choice for your dog if they are a strong swimmer. The jacket’s open design and adjustable straps allow for maximum motion and top flotation-assisted performance in water. The D-ring allows you to attach a leash attachment, and the adjustable chest strap can be adjusted to fit different girths.
  3. Accidents can happen
    The blog shared a story that reminds us to be ready for anything in the water. Tyler suffered a seizure while swimming but was saved by wearing a dog-life jacket. There are many emergency situations that can occur at any moment, but they can be especially dangerous if deep water is involved. A high-quality jacket such as the Outward Hound Granby dog jacket will keep your dog’s head safe. It features neck closure fastenings that ensure a snug fit. A reliable life jacket will keep your dog safe, no matter if they are on the water or in a boat.
  4. Water may pose unknown hazards
    Your dog may not feel safe swimming in the pool, but there are potential dangers. Swimming pools can be relatively safe. However, there may be underwater debris such as leaves and branches that could cause injury to your dog. Swimming against the current can cause exhaustion. Strong currents can push your dog out of the water if he is swimming in an ocean. A life jacket is a great way to keep your dog safe and save their lives.
  5. Dogs can be kept warm with life jackets
    Even thicker coats of dogs can be hypothermic in cold water. DVMs Lynn Buzhardt and Malcolm Weir of VCA Hospitals say that a dog’s body temperature should be between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit (38.1 to 39.2 Celsius). Their body temperature should not fall below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2 Celsius Celsius). Hypothermia can occur if their bodily functions are impaired. The Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Jacket provides excellent floatation for keeping your dog warm and safe on cold swims. The jacket features a neoprene bellyband and foam panels which provide maximum buoyancy while naturally insuring your dog. Dog wearing Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life vest
  6. You can easily see exactly where you dog is at in the water
    Some dogs will stay close to you, while others may prefer to go on their own. You might lose your dog while they’re swimming in the water. It’s common for dogs to keep a low profile while swimming. This can make it easy to lose your dog in the water. They won’t lose sight of your dog if you give them a bright jacket with reflective strips. (Psst! We just launched new colors!) Bright colors are a great way to quickly locate your dog, even if you’re far away. You’ll be happy he has a float jacket with reflective trim if he gets in an accident or is swept away by strong currents.
  7. Life jackets come with convenient handles
    Dog life vests have a grab handle that allows you to easily transport your dog safely. This feature, known as the doggie personal flotation device (PFD), is useful for swimming assistance and can save your dog’s life if he gets in trouble. When your dog falls off a boat, grab the handle. You can then lift him up to safety.
  8. A dog life vest makes swimming lessons easier
    Dogs who are learning to swim can benefit from a life jacket, which will increase their confidence and make them more comfortable in the water. Granby dog life jackets are great for teaching your dog how to swim. Dogs can often swim only with their front legs, which causes them to become tired quickly. Dogs should wear life jackets to keep them buoyant and encourage swimming with all four legs.
  9. Peace of Mind
    While a day on the water should be enjoyable for all the family, it can be difficult to relax and enjoy the experience if your dog is in danger. A life jacket will provide you with the assurance that your dog will be safe, even if he gets into trouble. It is a wonderful feeling to know your furry friend can enjoy the water safely.
  10. Jackets for dogs look so cute on them
    Fashion meets function. It’s obvious that dog life jackets are the ultimate fashion statement. A life jacket for dogs is the ultimate in cuteness. Dog life jackets for dogs are made from ripstop fabric and high-visibility colors. They also have reflective accents and adjustable quick-release buckles. There are dual grab handles and they look adorable.

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