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The South African Boerboel Mastiff Breed

The Boerboel Mastiff – Born to Guard

african boerboel mastiffIf there’s one thing that sets the Boerboel mastiff from the other mastiff breeds, it is that this particular breed has the reputation as being the best guard dog among the lot.

That should say a lot since, generally speaking, mastiffs are born to be very protective of their masters and there is hardly anything that can deter them. Can you just imagine what the best of the best would be like?

The Boerboel mastiff is the only dog in the world said to be bred specifically to guard and protect their masters without being too aggressive. The word Boerboel is actually an Afrikaans word which means ‘farmer’s dog’. This breed was developed in Africa to be a working dog and a protector.

It is also known as the South African Mastiff

Physical Traits

The qualities of the Boerboel mastiff should be quite evident in its appearance. These dogs are large and muscular, which makes them a very impressive breed. While they don’t look mean (they look quite amicable even), anyone and anything alive would be quite unwilling to be regarded as an enemy by a massive creature such as this.

Also, it is different from other large dogs in its movements as it carries its weight with a bit more grace; moving fluidly and are athletic, As opposed to other mastiffs.

They also have fewer wrinkles than the many other mastiff breeds; with only a slight wrinkling of the skin of their brow – because of this the Boerboel mastiff is often confused with the Bulldog breed.

Short History of the Boerboel Mastiff

The Boerboel mastiff breed was developed from several breeds in Africa that were crossed with the large Mollaser type dogs and the existing mastiff types that the English brought to Africa in the 1820s.

The English bulldog and the Bullmastiff are considered key breeds in the development of the Boerboel – I guess that explains why these dogs are usually mistaken to be bulldogs.

A Boerboel Mastiff’s Temperament

As for their temperament: because they are born to be guard dogs, they are fiercely protective of their family and their territory. Usually, they are quiet and docile, especially in the presence of their masters and those who they can recognize to be a friend.

However, they will bark loudly whenever strangers and other animals are spotted. Furthermore, they will not hesitate to use force when the intruder does not heed their warning.

In training, it is better for you to designate their territory or else they will expand their area of responsibility too wide.

Now don’t see the protective nature of this breed as a problem for a family pet. The other side of their aggressive behavior towards any intruders is a genuine intention to protect everyone in their family.

Instead of using their massive strength, they will display gentleness when playing with your children. When properly socialized, these dogs will also be fiercely protective of your other pets. And they are known to get along very nicely even with cats and chickens.

Your search for the perfect guard dog for you and your family may not have begun with the Boerboel but it should certainly end with one.

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