The Mastiff Boxer – A Mix of Similar Breeds in One Dog

mastiff boxerOccasionally in pet shelters, you may find some dogs of mixed descent and you might still find them appealing. Now, if you don’t mind adopting what some people call a mutt into your family then there’s really no problem about mixed breed dogs.  They can still be great pets especially if they’ve inherited traits from their parents which are in-tune with the lifestyle you and your family live. And while it is not always the case, these dogs more commonly do inherit the good traits from their parents. One example of a good mixed breed would be the Mastiff Boxer, which is the offspring of two very similar dog breeds.

What is good about mixed breed dogs like the mastiff-boxer is that their temperaments are usually great. Many are even easily trainable, and through giving them some of your time, training them, caring for them, and most especially giving them love, you’ll also be able to correct some problems in behavior that they might have. It might take some time, but once you get them used to your lifestyle you’ll find that they’ll become pets that are only eager to please.

As for the Mastiff Boxer, you will find that this mix breed as a pet will become attached to you, its master, very quickly. This is because the two breeds that it is a combination of are very alike in temperament. Both the Mastiff and the Boxer are breeds which are very loyal to their masters, and are friendly – which makes them great with children. They are also fearless and are known to be very protective of their owners.

On the other hand, both breeds are also known to easily mistrust strangers so your mastiff boxer might find it difficult to get along with other animals and it might be too wary even of your own friends and relatives. Still, even though it may look intimidating it does not usually resort to biting to prove its point. This is probably from the Mastiff trait, since Mastiffs are not known to bite. What it would commonly do is to knock the person they perceive to be the intruder over.

Essentially, what you can expect from your Mastiff Boxer is that it will basically be a pet that will love and protect you and it will always remain very loyal. Now, isn’t that just the definition of man’s best friend?

Of course, so that you are sure that it won’t cause any problems stemming from a conflict between your lifestyle and its temperament you will have to train your Mastiff Boxer.

Since they are head strong and stubborn, you must train it so that it will learn what is right and wrong – what it is expected to do, what your commands mean, and what it should not do. Also, because it is not used to other animals and strangers, you will have to help it become more sociable by gradually exposing it to the presence of some of your other pets, if there are any, and to your friends and relatives.

With that, you can be glad that you decided to adopt a Mastiff Boxer. It is one of the most loyal dogs you’ll find out there and it will probably one that will only be so willing to follow you anywhere you go.

photo by llamaporn


  1. says

    I am fostering one of the best dogs I have run across. He is a Mastiff/Boxer mix. He looks like a Mastiff yet plays like a Boxer. He is VERY good with children and interacts well with my other two Mastiffs. Everything he does is gentle….even laying down is done delicately. He has some of the best manners I have seen and that is saying a lot since he came from a hoarding situation recently. He only asks for love and affection and turns down toys and treats for a head pat everytime. I would recommend this mix to anyone! What a great dog. The plus to this cross breed is that they do not snore or drool….at least in this case. :-)

  2. Jasmine says

    I have had my mastiff boxer (Duece Duece) named by my 2yr old son for a year now. When we first got her after the first six months she began to dig massive holes in the year everywhere.. one just five feet from the back door, where you catch her chillin in her hole starring at the door.. She has really been inside most her life with us due to her being my sons sister.. but how do i break the digging? The Extreme escape artist? or the bathroom use in the house ? Its not like she is unfed or no attention.. she is a pig and gets alot alot alot of attention.. heck when i get off she is my nap buddy

  3. Heather says

    We have a Boxer/Mastiff mix that is almost 3 months old. He can be very stubborn and the frustrating part is that he is very intelligent. He knows what words mean but if that is not what he is wating to do you have to make him. I think a lot of it is just puppy-ness and with the regular routine and actions he should be fine. One thing I am worried about is he seems to get car sick and nervous in the car with excessive drooling and sometimes even vimiting-hope he’ll grow out of that one too. Buster is a great dog…gets along with out 2 cats (other than aggervating them sometimes wanting to play) and is already half way house and kennel trained. I am trying to research more about how large he will get and if there are any health risks associated with this type of mix. Very glad to hear others of this breed are good with children since I am expecting in April. Thanks for all the great info on my start to researching!!

  4. Mercedes says

    I have a mastiff boxer and he is a little over one, he is pretty much everything this article says that they are. I got him at 10 wks old and he was fully potty trained by the end of that week all by giving him a treat after he went outside. They are super smart, protective, and extremely loyal. This is the best mixed breed!

  5. Nette says

    I just took into our home a Bull Mastiff Boxer or Bull Mastiff Boxer Sheperd Mix that is six weeks old. How large may I expect this dog to get…its feet are large, and what temperments can I expect in the next few months. We have a English Lab Husky Mix about a year + and she so far thinks this puppy is just the best thing.

  6. Jim says

    We can’t believe our Darla is 5 yrs old. It seems as though she came into our lives yesterday. She is as close to the pefect dog as I’ve seen. She stands tall with a beautiful big chest, thickly muscled neck, hindquarters like a stallion (no kidding!), short coat that feels like skin and sheds little. She has been always active, in fact demands to get activity and still looks like a trained athlete. When younger she could scale 10 foot walls with little runup. An exquisite hunter as our local rodentia will attest. She demands full contact with Kathy or I at all times. That’s O.K.- we LOVE her.

  7. David says

    This is ALL true!! They are great sweet loyal amazing animals, Mine is my service dog and she is great, she never leaves my side, my issue that Im running into now is the appartments i moved into people are calling complaining that I have a pitbull and the office is on me and whatnot about it, I don’t have any papers saying she is mastiff bixer mix the friend I got her from had them at a vet and hes now in a hospital full time, she was his service dog and he and I were close and so he gave her to me, as I also am a qualifying person for a service dog since hes noe in a hospital full time, the pet smart vet said they cant give me her papers unless he comes with me witch he can’t for the obvious reasons being fully hospitalized perminatly. He got her in germany when he was in the military, she is 7 years old and the best thing thats happend to me, she makes my life much more managable, shes nice with all animals and people, she never barks shes not agressive yet STILL someone keeps calling in saying I have a vicious pitbull out on my deck witch shes never on the deck unless im with her, the people are making up lies about her being vicious because there scared shes a pitbull, I dont have money to move so Im very upset and scared of what I can do, shes a little smaller than a normal mastiff but her head shape and all looks like a mastiff/boxer, if youve seen a mastiff/boxers before. Im frustrated and looking for advice, shes NOT a pitbull but shes getting the bad lable even tho no ones met her :(

  8. Sue says

    We always had dogs in the family. Our 20 yr old son had gone to the shelter with a friend. He called home, he had fallen in love with a particular dog. We weren’t to keen on the idea as we already had two dogs. We wanted to say no, but a little voice inside us relented and he brought home a boxer/mastiff mix dog. This dog is wonderful. I totally understand why my son fell in love with him so quickly. He is the most loving and gentle dog. He loves people of all ages. Adores little children. We tease our son, that when he finally finishes school and moves out, we are keeping his dog. He just laughs…Nothing is coming between him and his dog. I can’t phantom why this dog ended up in a shelter. I can’t say a negative thing about him. The dog only weighs 75 lbs, drools just a little and is very clean. He is a great exercise motivator. He even gets his leash when you ask him too. He loves to walk or trot along side my bike when I ride my bike around the neighborhood. He understands when I say turn right or left, pull over, stop and go. I love his company on my rides.

  9. sal says

    I have a boxer now and always wanted a mastiff where can i find a mix so i can have the best dog ever?!

  10. Troy says

    My 2 yr old baby girl named Spicy is a boxer mastiff mix. She is the most amazing dog I have ever owned. I have owned English Mastiff, bull mastiff, boxers, and long haired Shepherds all pure breeds. All wonderful family members all of them put together simply don’t compare to my spicy Girl. This mixed breed can work in just about any household. If you return the love and devotion they give you, you will never be disappointed. I LOVE MY SPICY GIRL.

  11. morgan kreuzer says

    hello, i just recently bought a pitbull/mastiff and right now it was one of my best purchases in life. he’s only been here for couple days, for his only 8 weeks old. he is all white with a jaded brindle patch on his eye. haha little guy is trying hard to do the right thing on his own by going to door and yelping when he needs to go, but when he wakes up sometimes he does not yelp and cant hold it i guess and goes pee not poo. i have not seen him poo in the house not once. he is teething right now i think cuz he yelps or he misses his mother??? is it bad for him to naw on his back paw i checked and there seem to be nothing in it or stuck to his paw?? all out he is a charmer and a really happy do, with so much personality all ready. his name is jadin

  12. Lisa says

    Over a year ago I found my dog, Hercules, obviously a stray, running through a park. He was in horrible physical shape; emaciated, with a broken rib that had healed improperly, numerous deep cuts and lonely. He hasn’t left my side since and becomes extremely anxious whenever I’m not in the same room. He’s such a SWEETHEART! He’s loving and great with children of all ages, and protective over them. Plus he’s very intelligent. Despite his size, I couldn’t have asked for a better canine companion.

  13. Philip knowles says

    I have a 2 year old boxer mastiff bitch. Best term ament ever, great with other animals and kids, perfect pet. In my family there is 6 dogs between us all from a Cocker to a leonburger, I suspect the boxer cross is everyone’s favourite although they won’t admit it. a breed I’d recommend

  14. Breanna says

    I have a mastiff boxer mix Sophee. she is great with everyone and any kind of animal. however she is not very protective she once peed on my mom when someone with a hood on knocked on our door. Her whip like tail is a downfall constantly knocking things off the table. she does think she can take food off the table when left alone. she is sweet and is my shadow. i wouldnt trade her for anyother breed. i do wish she was bigger. shes kinda skinny and not that tall

  15. Kevin says

    WE lost our Rocko last week, 3 yr old Boxer Mastiff, Oh my big buddy, gentle, protective, A barker haha, nice with everyone, Oh rocko you slobermouth you, now we are hunting for another one and WOW talk about a task, the breeder we got Roc from is’nt doing them anymore so now we are on the Hunt around Ohio for another Brindle .
    PS, his passing was unknown since he was extremly healthy & exercised daily.

  16. Laura says

    I rescued a boxer mastiff mix last year, she was tied to a doghouse for the first nine months of her life, she was with a well meaning inexperienced family, they had never owned a dog before and had no fence, so of course she left the yard all the time. I would not recommend this breed for a first time dog owner anyways as they need alot of time and care from an experienced dog owner. But I love this mix, I wanted a boxer, my husband wanted a mastiff, so we settled in the middle, but because she wasn’t purchased from a reputable breeder my dog now suffers from severe epilepsy.she goes to the vet all the time, is on two medications and she is still the sweetest most loving and amazing dog you will ever meet. She has always loved other dogs, but at 100lbs at 18 months, she loves to dominate males. A great thing about this breed is the lack of drool, though she does get the worst farts ever! She is extremely loyal and protective, but because she had never met a cat before, she thinks they are little dogs, or toys’ or sometimes food.I recommend introducing your pup to many different species at a very young age, teach them manners and you will have a loving companion forever.

  17. Addison says

    My partner and I adopted a boxer mastiff from the local shelter. By far one of the best dogs I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

  18. Jay says

    Does anyone know what’s the average height of the mix boxer and mastiff or (bullmastiff). I would like to know like an estimate of height like next to a person that is 5’4 like how tall would the dog be for example, up to the hip or below etc. I would appreciate thr response and help.

  19. lynda says

    I have a 10 week old boxer mastiff that I got 2 weeks ago. He is such a good dog and very handsome. My only concern is he plays too rough. His play biting hurts. I’ve tried several tips to stop the biting and none are working. It is very frustrating. Other then that I believe he is going to be loyal, protective, and a best friend. I just love him.

  20. Michelle says

    We, too, have adopted what the vet calls a Boxer/Mastiff mix from our local shelter. She had two other litter mates that were adopted before her, but she remained there for a month for some reason. We have 2 11 year old Jack Russell Terriers and a 7 year old son that complained our terrorists wouldn’t play with him. The instant we were introduced to “Miley” at the shelter, she bonded with our son on her own accord and only comes to my husband and myself if we tell our son to let go of her. I could hardly believe how gentle and loving she was right off the bat and she was very friendly with our other 2 dogs and four cats. We previously owned a beautiful and HUGE boxer that was just as sweet, but a cat killer, so he had to find another home. Miley is believed to be about 4-6 months old, stands about 2 feet tall and resembles a hound dog more than anything. She definitely has the bark of a boxer, but we are having a hard time believing she has any Mastiff in her. She’s pretty lanky and of course, still needs to fill out, but we wonder what we are in for as she continues to fill out. Why can’t anyone post pictures of their “greatest mix” on here so that I can compare what Miley looks like now with others???? Anyway, we don’t regret saving her. It’s the very best friend my son has ever had!

  21. says

    Looking for BoxerMastiff Mix. Wichita Falls Texas Area. Have large fenced yard and want to have him or her inside. No pets currently. Very interested. Phone 940-691-4142

  22. Mary says

    My fur baby mastiff boxer Clyde is sixteen months old. He is the friendliest dog I’ve ever had. He loves everybody and all other animals. I also have a six month old son and Clyde has never had any problems with sharing my attention. He loves to lick my babies feet and watch him play. Clyde was very easy to house train by taking him out regularly and crating when left home alone. When Clyde was teething I would give him chew chews and frozen wash cloths to keep him from chewing up everything else in the house. I even managed to save a handful of his teeth. When he grew out of his bed I got him a toddler mattress. It has worked out great and he hasn’t tried to tear it up like he did his old bed. Clyde is my shadow and follows me every where I go. I really feel as though this breed really is man’s best friend. I would recommend a mastiff boxer to anyone.

  23. Todd says

    I have done years of thinking and the time is right for me and my wife. I would like to find a boxer mastiff puppy that I can raise , train , and nurture ourselves minus the early weeks with its mother. Can someone tell me where to look for this hybrid. Thank you

  24. Lashay says

    I have a 6 month old mastiff boxer she is a wonderfull puppy she likes to play and cuddle with me and most of all follow me every where i go i live in a small village so i let her run around my house with out a chain she is very loyal. her name is CoCo she looks like a really mean dog alot of people are scared of her but shes nice and dosent bit..i couldnt ask for a better dog..

  25. caitlyn says

    i just got one of these delightful dogs, his name is clyde and he is only 6weeks old. but he will already not leave my side and just loves to cuddle! and to be so young he is so good about going outside to do his business. i couldn’t ask for a more perfect baby boy! so glad to have him!

  26. Richard says

    I just adopted a boxmas from my local humane society. I am a disabled veteran and this 3 yr old stunning brindle 80 pound Guy is just what I needed to brighten my days. He is very affectionate. And love’s attention and returns it 10 fold. HR is easy to walk and is great meeting new people. He does seem to have issues with certain. Other dogs. Its been a week and I could not br any happier. Great breed great dog

  27. Tessa says

    I have a beautiful Boxer/mastiff mix. She looks like a boxer without the defined snout. She is red and shorthaired with the most beautiful black mask! Shes built like a boxer as well just quite stockier. She weights a lil over 70 lbs. Her name is Bella. I got her at 3 1/2 weeks old because her mother was older and had passed away. (Not sure of reason)She is the best dog I have ever had! She was fully potty trained by 3 months or so with NO accidents. She has been known to grab my shoes or clothes if I’m not home, BUT has never chewed any clothes, shoes or furniture.. She does like to dig a little but it’s usually because she hears something (bugs or moles) That is her ONLY bad habit. I have always owned labs as they are very good family dogs… But I don’t think there is another breed that can hold a candle to this one! She is the most loyal affectionate and loving girl.. Who can adapt to any situation.. Recently (4 weeks ago) got a kitten as soon as the kitten got over her fear they are now best friends.. I love my Bella just like my kids… I can’t express what a joy she is to me!!

  28. Kelley says

    I have a 2 year old mastiff boxer mix named Bear. To say he is an exceptional dog does not even begin to describe Bear. I recently got a pug puppy my 9 year old son wanted and we named him Oscar. Bear is incredibly gentle with this tiny miniature of him. I call them Dr Evil and Mini me. They play tug of war and Bear actually let’s Oscar win occasionally! Bear loves me beyond belief and I him. He sleeps with me and protects us as if his life depends on it. He is my best friend and life is a happier place because he is in it.

  29. Kati says

    Is the same for bullmastiff-boxer mix? Our pup is 8 weeks and with a trainer for the next month. We know we have a different set of trials as he was taken from his momma at 4 weeks because she stopped feeding the litter. We still would like to have a good resource, aside from our WONDERFUL trainer on Reece.

  30. Patrick Dennis says

    My wife and I got home from vacation last week and our 3 year old mastiff boxer was being watched by friends. We are heart broken to hear he escaped when fire works were going off and was struck by a truck. He was the best dog ever and a part of our family. Anyone know where we can find a mastiff boxer puppy? Our 1 year old son keeps looking around our house for his buddy and we want another mastiff boxer.

  31. says

    We have a mastiff boxer mix he is very smart.When he was a puppy he chewed on everything, but he grew out of that. He is probably the most gentle dog I have ever seen. His tail can be a problem though, he has literally sent coffee cups flying with one swipe. He learns things very quickly and knows several tricks like how to bow and pull a drawer open. The best tricks he’s learned are saying I want it and Mama.
    Check it out!

  32. Boxer lover says

    I was raised with Boxers and never thought I would love another breed. Well, I now have a Boxer/Cain Corso mastif mix. Wow, what a wonderful dog. I still have her grandmother (Boxer), and the two get along wonderfully. They play constantly. The two breeds are the best of both worlds. Smart, loyal, funny, gentle and beautiful. My new Charlie Girl is a kick in the pants. She is only three months old, but has found a permanent place in my heart.

  33. Mike and lyndsey says

    we have a 6 month old english mastiff boxer cross, Max is loving playful, loyal and full of energy.He nips when he wants to play is there any way we could stop this?

  34. makenzie says

    Boxer mastiff mixes are awesome I used to have one and her name was roxy and she was awesome. The only problem was she had possible heart falure when she was only 1 and a half years old it was really sad thats the only problem i would say they would have.

  35. Sweetney Davis says

    I have a 1 yr old her name is Sasha I got her 3 months ago from the animal shelter around my area. She very intelligent and witty, but thing is that you tell her to do something she does but she does where it kind of makes you mad. She knows what she is doing and she is very clingy and need of attention which I love she follows me EVERYWHERE and it’s so cute..
    She loves other animals and people she just don’t like the CABLE GUY (LOL)

  36. Steve S says

    We were fortunate to have what some call a mutt in our lives for a little over ten years, Butch was a mix of Mastiff and Boxer he had the best traits of both breeds, protective and loving, a GREAT companion his level of intelligence was amazing when he was a young dog he entertained himself with stuffed dog toys, it was quite a sight to see this huge dog with a small squeak toy dangling from his jowls!, he was truly a gentle giant and missed as much as any other member of our family would be

  37. Vicki says

    We have a 5 month old brindle Boxer Mastiff mix puppy we recused from a high kill shelter. She was house trained and crate trained in a week.She plays great with our daughter’s Boxer and is great around the grandchildren. She’s smart and gentle and so pretty, a great dog.

  38. caresa says

    Buy chance we came across a mastiff/boxer. She’s all black with alittle white on her chest. She’s 10all wks fully house trained an so lovable. We named her ISIS after the goddess. She walks tall and in no way is timid. Just a amazing addition to our family.

  39. Di says

    We adopted a Mastiff/Boxer mix 3 months ago from a shelter. It feels like we’ve had her forever! Bella is the best dog. She is a beautiful silver/grey with a little white on her chest and light brown eyes. She only plays with her toys, does not jump on furniture, is crate trained and so lovable! No one in our house can walk past her without saying something to her or petting her. She is very clean and such a regal young lady- a real sweetheart!

  40. Carolyn Northcutt says

    I rescued a boxer – french mastiff a little over 6 months ago. Buster, survived hurricane Katrina as a puppy & was left by his owners. He made it all the way to northern Louisiana. Then a friend found him & got in touch with me. I already had a female boxer, so I was concerned, but getting Buster was one of the smartest choices I have done in a very long time. To see us, you would never know I did not raise him from a puppy. He is also great with my other kids too!!!! He is such a loving, caring dog, & such a part of our family now

  41. Fran Johnston says

    My Macie is a 3yr. Mastiff boxer mix my sister in law rescued from human animals that planned fighting her.
    However my sister in law is very persuasive and liberated her unfortunately Macie doesn’t play well with cats.
    So I was contacted & asked if I knew anyone who could take her & having had my apt. broken into twice I took her in.
    Even though she looks menacing she’s a fur covered marshmallow!
    She’s very intelligent and one helluva personality I plan to have her 4 a very very long time!!!

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