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Bullmastiff Breeders – Don’t Get Scammed & Know Your Breeder!

Warning Signs These days, the number of irresponsible dog sellers is gradually increasing and it has gotten easier for them to advertise to unsuspecting buyers who won’t be able to tell the difference between a healthy Bullmastiff and a poorly raised puppy. Responsible Bullmastiff breeders and other concerned parties are worried, of course. And why […]

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Bullmastiff Puppy Care Tips

How well prepared are you for your new Bullmastiff puppy? Do you have everything you need?  Here is a list of some of the essentials that you will need before you bring home your Bullmastiff puppy. Crate and suitable bedding e.g..towels blankets (you will find this invaluable) Bowls (two one for water the other for […]

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Tips For Taking Care of English Mastiff Dogs

The Dos and Don’ts So you’ve found yourself some handsome English Mastiff dogs as the newest additions to your family and you want to be the best master that you can be. As you will soon find out, taking care of these great animals is not actually all that hard. With proper training, mastiff dogs […]

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Top Tips For Training Your Bullmastiff

Dogs are pack animals by nature and even when they live with a family of humans they see the human family as part of their pack. A pecking order is usually established within a pack generally the most dominant is the leader or the alpha dog who makes the decisions for the pack. As a […]

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