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How Much Should I Be Feeding My 4 Month Old English Mastiff Puppy

Great question. A:  There are so many variables, it’s hard to give a definite answer, but hopefully, I can give you enough information to help you figure this out. The best way to determine how much your mastiff puppy should be eating would be to ask your veterinarian to calculate how many calories he should […]

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Holistic Nutrition Information for Bullmastiffs

What is a Holistic Diet? A truly “complete and balanced diet” for your Mastiff is one which include a variety of fresh, whole, chemical free, unprocessed food. In the wild, the undomesticated Mastiff on raw meats and predigested vegetables and grains. As long as these natural foods are plentiful, the mastiff usually enjoys a long […]

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The Bullmastiff Diet – What Foods To Feed and What To Avoid

When you bring your Bullmastiff puppy home, a feeding chart is usually supplied to you by the breeder. It is best to stay with this diet until a suitable time to change. There are many commercial dog foods available and your breeder will help you choose the right food for your Bullmastiff or what brands […]

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