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A Reader’s Experience With English Mastiff Puppies

From 24 hour old pups to Gentle Giants The English Mastiff is both patient and protective and, despite his size and weight, can be trusted to look after even small children. They are often referred to as the “Gentle Giants”. These are just a couple of reasons we decided to bring them into our family. We started our […]

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Are English Mastiffs Suitable For You?

Our experience with the Mastiff (commonly referred to as the Old English or English Mastiff) breed has been extraordinary. We talk about our experience thus far here and also share some links that we feel offer much learning about the magnificent Mastiff. The Mastiff is even more than we read about before we brought Monty, […]

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Tips For Taking Care of English Mastiff Dogs

The Dos and Don’ts So you’ve found yourself some handsome English Mastiff dogs as the newest additions to your family and you want to be the best master that you can be. As you will soon find out, taking care of these great animals is not actually all that hard. With proper training, mastiff dogs […]

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How To Find A Quality Mastiff Breeder

There are a few things you should consider before just jumping right in. Mastiff puppies are adorable and will capture your heart instantly so, before you pick him/her up and take her home, let’s first talk about how shopping for a mastiff should first begin. How does finding a quality mastiff breeder work? An easy […]

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