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5 Tips for Dog Arthritis: Increase Your Dog’s Mobility

How Does Arthritis Affect Dogs? 65% of dogs will get arthritis before the age of 7. Now owners are turning to treatments to help eliminate joint pain and increase their dog’s mobility & flexibility. Let’s face it, getting old is tough, especially if you have 4 legs, a furry coat, and floppy ears. Dogs have […]

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7 Top Tips for Preventing Allergies in Your Dog

If a person wants great companionship, they know it is available in a wonderful canine friend. They depend on you to look after their every need and give you so much love and affection in return. You want them to be happy and healthy and never have a reason to need dog allergies treatment, but […]

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What is Hip Dysplasia in Mastiff Dogs?

How frequently does it occur? Hip Dysplasia is found in at least 50% of large breed dogs. Most commonly affected dogs include the Mastiff, German shepherd, Boxer, Cane Corso and the Great Dane. Hip Dysplasia in Mastiffs is a serious disability as they weigh the most and their hip will need to support that weight. […]

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How To Groom Your Bullmastiff

What kind of Grooming? Just like every breed of dog, the Bullmastiff requires grooming. Grooming can include ear cleaning nail trimming brushing, dental and eye care. Grooming also strengthens the bond between you and your Bullmastiff and gives a great opportunity to do routine checks for fleas and ticks. Grooming needs to be started from […]

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Bullmastiff Puppy Care Tips

How Well Prepared Are You for Your New Bullmastiff Puppy? If you have cute Bullmastiff Puppies as pets, it is necessary to implement the right educational measures. Pet owners must teach Bullmastiff Puppies to obey and recognize their voice when they call them. Not only to have them well trained and educated, but also for their safety. Follow these […]

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Providing A Safe Environment For Your Mastiff

We’ve all heard of child-proof and child safety well the same applies to our Bullmastiffs. Puppies and some adult Bullmastiffs are particularly curious and will soon sniff out where you have hidden things their not allowed to have. Poisons Poisons are one of the biggest problems and the biggest concern are rat and snail baits […]

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What Are Genetic Diseases That Affect Mastiffs Disproportionately?

Wobblers What is Wobblers and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately? The answer is YES. I did not know much about Wobblers disease as it did not run in the line that I have nor any lines I bred to until last year. I would find out after a breeding took place from […]

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Quick Facts on the Mastiff Club of America

Mastiff Puppies or Mastiff Dogs are Usually Dubbed as “Gentle Giants”. There are different breeds of Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs which come from Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, and Tibet – but the most famous breed is that of the English. English Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs can be simply referred to as a Mastiff. You can visit the MCOA site by clicking HERE as […]

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Bullmastiffs Worming and Vaccinating

Just like humans requiring vaccination against infectious diseases, Bullmastiffs need to be as well. As a newborn, Bullmastiff puppies receive antibodies from their mother. Puppies don’t require vaccinations (unless the mother has not been vaccinated) until they have been weaned from their mothers at around six weeks of age; they are usually required to be […]

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