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Bullmastiff Breeders – Don’t Get Scammed & Know Your Breeder!

Warning Signs These days, the number of irresponsible dog sellers is gradually increasing and it has gotten easier for them to advertise to unsuspecting buyers who won’t be able to tell the difference between a healthy Bullmastiff and a poorly raised puppy. Responsible Bullmastiff breeders and other concerned parties are worried, of course. And why […]

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Mastiff Info – The Five Breed Standards

Dog breeds accepted into kennel or breed clubs have a standard of excellence that should tell any owner and any beginner breeder what the ideal for their preferred breed is. For breeders, this standard is what helps them determine the qualities that are necessary for them to pick, and what issues they need to address […]

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Bandog Picture

The American Bandog Mastiff Breed

Unlike many other breeds, the Bandog Mastiff is not technically a “purebred” breed. At present, the breed isn’t recognized by any kennel clubs, but these wonderful dogs possess an ancestry that is part American Pit Bull Terrier and part Neapolitan Mastiff, even though the breed is only 40 years old. The most distinctive features of […]

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The South African Boerboel Mastiff Breed

The Boerboel Mastiff – Born to Guard If there’s one thing that sets the Boerboel mastiff from the other mastiff breeds, it is that this particular breed has the reputation as being the best guard dog among the lot. That should say a lot since, generally speaking, mastiffs are born to be very protective of […]

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Italian Mastiff

The Italian Mastiff Breed

To understand more about the wonderful Italian Mastiff breed, first, we should take a look at the characteristics it has in common with all Mastiffs. Generally, this breed is massively built while still keeping an elegant appearance with its long muscles, short and oily coat, intense eyes and a wide muzzle. Mastiffs are known for […]

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argentinian mastiff

The Argentine Mastiff Breed

The Argentine Mastiff, also known as Dogo Argentino, Argentine Dogo or Argentino Mastiff, was bred to produce the perfect hunting and working dog. The breed was developed in Argentina by the Martinez brothers, who wanted the dog to also have the characteristics of a loyal guard dog, who would defend their flocks, their lands, and […]

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Brazilian Mastiff breed

The Brazilian Mastiff Breed

The Brazilian Mastiff – or the Fila Brasileiro, to give them their others names – were brought to South America by the Conquistadors and eventually became best known as Brazil’s national dog. The first Fila Mastiffs were bred from the Mastiff and the Bloodhound, giving it the strength and bravery of the Mastiff with the […]

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Cane Corso Mastiff

The Cane Corso Mastiff Breed

The Cane Corso Mastiff goes by many names; The most popular being Cane Corso Italiano, Siciliano Branchiro, and Rare Breed Italian Mastiff. But how did this Mastiff make it onto the scene? The Ancient Roman Molosser, which looked much like the mastiff we know today, were used as war dogs and to hunt lions and […]

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The English Mastiff Breed

The English Mastiff is one of the best-known types of Mastiff and one of the highest ranking when it comes to guard dog duty. The English Mastiff certainly has “presence” and will guarantee that any strangers that encounter it will think again about trespassing on its territory. You may describe an English Mastiff as Large, […]

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