Brazilian Mastiff breed

The Brazilian Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsAll About the Fila BrasileiroTemperamentMore About the Breed All About the Fila Brasileiro The Brazilian Mastiff – or the Fila Brasileiro, to give them their others names – were brought to South America by the Conquistadors and eventually became best known as Brazil’s national dog. The ancestors of this dog included Bloodhounds, Mastiffs […]

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Cane Corso Mastiff

The Cane Corso Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsHistoryFeaturesTemperament History The Cane Corso Mastiff goes by many names; The most popular being Cane Corso Italiano, Siciliano Branchiro, and Rare Breed Italian Mastiff. But how did this Mastiff make it onto the scene? The Ancient Roman Molosser, which looked much like the mastiff we know today, were used as war dogs and […]

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How to Find a Quality Mastiff Breeder

There are a few things you should consider before just jumping right in. Mastiff puppies are adorable and will capture your heart instantly so, before you pick him/her up and take her home, let’s first talk about how shopping for a mastiff should first begin. Table of ContentsHow Does Finding a Quality Mastiff Work?The Follow […]

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bullmastiff puppies eating

Holistic Nutrition Information for Bullmastiffs

Table of ContentsWhat is a Holistic Diet?In Praise of Vitamin CWhy it is Important Not to Over Feed a Mastiff PuppyBoxer Puppy with Rapid Growth SyndromeVitamin / Mineral Supplements for adult mastiffs only What is a Holistic Diet? A truly “complete and balanced diet” for your Mastiff is one which includes a variety of fresh, […]

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The Bullmastiff Diet – What Foods To Feed and What To Avoid

When you bring your Bullmastiff puppy home, a feeding chart is usually supplied to you by the breeder. It is best to stay with this diet until a suitable time to change. There are many commercial dog foods available and your breeder will help you choose the right food for your Bullmastiff or what brands […]

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this mastiff does not like vets

Bullmastiffs Worming and Vaccinating

Just like humans requiring vaccination against infectious diseases, Bullmastiffs need to be as well. As a newborn, Bullmastiff puppies receive antibodies from their mother. Puppies don’t require vaccinations (unless the mother has not been vaccinated) until they have been weaned from their mothers at around six weeks of age; they are usually required to be […]

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