Are English Mastiffs Suitable For You?

Table of ContentsOur Experience With the MastiffMastiffs Are Not For EveryoneFinding a Breeder Our Experience With the Mastiff Our experience with the Mastiff (commonly referred to as the Old English or English Mastiff) breed has been extraordinary. We talk about our experience thus far here and also share some links that we feel offer much […]

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mastiff pondering genetic disposition

What Are Genetic Diseases That Affect Mastiffs Disproportionately?

Table of ContentsWobblersWhat is Wobblers and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?PRA/CMRWhat is PRA/CMR and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?DM – Degenerative MyopathyWhat is Degenerative Myopathy and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?SeizuresWhat are Dog Seizures and do they affect Mastiffs disproportionately?CancerWhat is Dog Cancer and do they […]

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Quick Facts on the Mastiff Club of America

Table of ContentsMastiff Puppies or Mastiff Dogs are Usually Dubbed as “Gentle Giants”.Different Mastiff Clubs from the World OverLearn More About the Mastiff Club of America Mastiff Puppies or Mastiff Dogs are Usually Dubbed as “Gentle Giants”. There are different breeds of Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs which come from Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, and Tibet – but the […]

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overfed mastiff puppy

How Much Should I Be Feeding My 4 Month Old English Mastiff Puppy?

Table of ContentsGreat Question!Weight ConditionStructureOther Considerations Great Question! A:  There are so many variables, it’s hard to give a definite answer, but hopefully, I can give you enough information to help you figure this out. The best way to determine how much your mastiff puppy should be eating would be to ask your veterinarian to […]

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happy english mastiff

Tips For Taking Care of English Mastiff Dogs

Table of ContentsThe Dos and Don’tsDo: Socialize the pups earlyDo: Properly train themDon’t: Treat them too harshlyDo: Exercise regularly with themDon’t: Get carried awayDo: Regularly groom them The Dos and Don’ts So you’ve found yourself some handsome English Mastiff dogs as the newest additions to your family and you want to be the best master […]

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Bandog Picture

The American Bandog Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsA Fascinating BreedClever Clogs…Company Cravers!So What Do They Need? A Fascinating Breed Unlike many other breeds, the Bandog Mastiff is not technically a “purebred” breed. At present, the breed isn’t recognized by any kennel clubs, but these wonderful dogs possess an ancestry that is part American Pit Bull Terrier and part Neapolitan Mastiff, […]

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bullmastiff with training collar feat

Top Tips For Training Your Bullmastiff

Dogs as Packs Dogs are pack animals by nature and even when they live with a family of humans they see the human family as part of their pack. A pecking order is usually established within a pack generally the most dominant is the leader or the alpha dog who makes the decisions for the […]

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south african boerboel mastiff breed feat

The South African Boerboel Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsThe Boerboel Mastiff – Born to GuardPhysical TraitsA Little History for a Big DogA Boerboel Mastiff’s TemperamentFurther Tips for the Potential Boerboel Owner The Boerboel Mastiff – Born to Guard If there’s one thing that sets the Boerboel mastiff from the other mastiff breeds, it is that this particular breed has the reputation […]

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Italian Mastiff

The Italian Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsCharacteristicsHistoryTemperamentGuard Dogs Characteristics To understand more about the wonderful Italian Mastiff breed, first, we should take a look at the characteristics it has in common with all Mastiffs. Generally, this breed is massively built while still keeping an elegant appearance with its long muscles, short and oily coat, intense eyes and a wide […]

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argentinian mastiff

The Argentine Mastiff Breed

Table of ContentsSome History…AppearanceThings to Consider… Some History… The Argentine Mastiff, also known as Dogo Argentino, Argentine Dogo or Argentino Mastiff, was bred to produce the perfect hunting and working dog. The breed was developed in Argentina by the Martinez brothers, who wanted the dog to also have the characteristics of a loyal guard dog, […]

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