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Noisy Dog! 5 Causes & 5 Solutions for Excessive Barking

Like it or not, but dogs naturally do bark. They bark to express themselves and communicate with others. It is totally normal if your dog barks once in a while; however, regular excessive barking is considered to be a dog behavior problem. 5 Causes of Excessive Dog Barking Before you can treat your dog’s excessive […]

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Should Your Pooch Go Organic? 3 Benefits of Home-made Dog Biscuits

Any person who has ever had a dog as a pet knows the kind of importance these four-legged animals can gradually gain over a period of time. People all over the world treat their furry, four-legged best friends as a family member and give them all types of special attention. Table of ContentsWhat Are Organic […]

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Dog Hair Shedding And Grooming Tips

Why Do Dogs Shed Hair? Dog shedding is the natural process by which dogs shed their hair. Dogs shed their dead hair due to two reasons mainly. One of the reasons is seasonal changes in temperature. This happens when the season changes from hot to cold and the dogs require a warm coat. Again when […]

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dog eating table

Do You Really Know What’s in Your Dog’s Food?

Table of ContentsDogs Will Try Anything!Always Check the LabelsPreservatives and Toxicity Dogs Will Try Anything! Dogs, especially puppies and miniatures, are so innocent of their surroundings that they‘ll try anything once, even if it‘s harmful. For example, dogs will even lick plants with insecticide on them out of curiosity! Just like snakes, dogs use their […]

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7 Handy Hints To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

There are few things more annoying than a dog jumping up on every person he meets. Such behavior often leads to dirty clothes, disturbed guests or even health risks if the dog jumps on children or elderly people. Luckily, with the aid of proper and consistent dog training, it’s not too hard to stop your […]

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15 FAQs About Bullmastiffs

Bullmastiffs are a very loyal, affectionate, tolerant and an intelligent breed. Table of ContentsAre they good with children?Do they make good guard dogs?Are they a one-man dog?Do they require a lot of room?How much exercise do they require?Do they eat much?What colors are they?Do they jump?How large do they grow?Do they drool a lot?Do they require […]

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Bullmastiffs and Children

Table of ContentsTeaching The Right Kind of Play DON’T ALLOW CHILDREN TO:Introduction to the FamilyYour Mastiff and Your New Baby Teaching The Right Kind of Play Bullmastiffs are a very tolerant gentle and docile breed, that adores and protects his family. As a parent of four children, it was imperative that we acquired a breed that […]

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A Mastiff’s Holiday…Finding the Right Kennels

Table of ContentsA Kennel to Suit Your DogChoosing a KennelGetting Your Mastiff Ready A Kennel to Suit Your Dog Whatever breed of dog you own, you want to know that your dog is being well taken care of while you’re on vacation or out of town for several days. You want to be sure to […]

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history mastiffs and two boys

The Gamekeepers Night Dog: A History of the Bullmastiff

  Table of ContentsWords of Mastiff Wisdom from the PastHow the Bullmastiff Came to BeThe Mastiff of the 1900’sThe Introduction of Dog Shows in the 1930’sKeeping the Breed True to its Roots Words of Mastiff Wisdom from the Past The Bull-Mastiff: Mastiff with a dash of Bull or Gamekeepers Night Dog is a breed of […]

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How to Groom Your Brindle Mastiff

Table of ContentsBrindle Mastiff Grooming TipsGeneral GroomingBrushingBaths For Your Mastiff Brindle Mastiff Grooming Tips No doubt about it. Mastiffs, and other Molosser type breeds, are a sight to behold with their large bodies. Molosser types are, in fact, among the largest breed of dogs in terms of mass. Generally, they give off an impression of […]

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