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Bullmastiff Breeders – Don’t Get Scammed & Know Your Breeder!

Table of ContentsWarning SignsThe Lack of Health TestsNo ChampionsWay Too Many PuppiesNo KnowledgeNo QuestionsA BargainFour Qualities that Make a Great Mastiff Breeder1. Knowledgeable2. Dedicated3. Persevering4. Genuinely Concerned Warning Signs These days, the number of irresponsible dog sellers is gradually increasing and it has gotten easier for them to advertise to unsuspecting buyers who won’t be […]

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What is Hip Dysplasia in Mastiff Dogs?

Table of ContentsHow frequently does it occur?What are the treatment options for hip dysplasia in Mastiff dogs and puppies?The dosage of Glyco Flex to be given for hip dysplasia in Mastiff dogs. How frequently does it occur? Hip Dysplasia is found in at least 50% of large breed dogs. Most commonly affected dogs include the […]

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A Reader’s Experience With English Mastiff Puppies

Table of ContentsFrom 24 hour old pups to Gentle GiantsSocializing Mastiff PuppiesMastiff Puppies Love Toys From 24 hour old pups to Gentle Giants The English Mastiff is both patient and protective and, despite his size and weight, can be trusted to look after even small children. They are often referred to as the “Gentle Giants”. These are just […]

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How To Groom Your Bullmastiff

Table of ContentsWhat kind of Grooming?Nail TrimmingEar CleaningEye CareBathingBrushingDental What kind of Grooming? Just like every breed of dog, the Bullmastiff requires grooming. Grooming can include ear cleaning nail trimming brushing, dental and eye care. Grooming also strengthens the bond between you and your Bullmastiff and gives a great opportunity to do routine checks for […]

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Bullmastiff Puppy Care Tips

Table of ContentsHow well prepared are you for your new Bullmastiff puppy?Toilet TrainingVaccinations and WormingYour puppy’s needsDo not overfeed your puppy!More Dos and Don’ts How well prepared are you for your new Bullmastiff puppy? Do you have everything you need?  Here is a list of some of the essentials that you will need before you […]

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Providing A Safe Environment For Your Mastiff

We’ve all heard of child-proof and child safety well the same applies for our Bullmastiffs. Puppies and some adult Bullmastiffs are particularly curious and will soon sniff out where you have hidden things their not allowed to have. Poisons are one of the biggest problems and the biggest concern are rat and snail baits as […]

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Mastiff Info – The Five Breed Standards

Dog breeds accepted into kennel or breed clubs have a standard of excellence that should tell any owner and any beginner breeder what the ideal for their preferred breed is. For breeders, this standard is what helps them determine the qualities that are necessary for them to pick, and what issues they need to address […]

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Are English Mastiffs Suitable For You?

Our experience with the Mastiff (commonly referred to as the Old English or English Mastiff) breed has been extraordinary. We talk about our experience thus far here and also share some links that we feel offer much learning about the magnificent Mastiff. The Mastiff is even more than we read about before we brought Monty, […]

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What Are Genetic Diseases That Affect Mastiffs Disproportionately?

Table of ContentsWobblersWhat is Wobblers and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?PRA/CMRWhat is PRA/CMR and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?DM – Degenerative MyopathyWhat is Degenerative Myopathy and is it a disease that affects Mastiffs disproportionately?SeizuresWhat are Dog Seizures and do they affect Mastiffs disproportionately?CancerWhat is Dog Cancer and do they […]

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Quick Facts on the Mastiff Club of America

Table of ContentsMastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs are usually dubbed as “gentle giants”.Different Mastiff Clubs from the World OverLearn More about the Mastiff Club of America Mastiff puppies or Mastiff dogs are usually dubbed as “gentle giants”. There are different breeds of Mastiff puppies and Mastiff dogs which come from Brazil, Italy, France, Spain and Tibet – but the […]

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