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Holistic Nutrition Information for Bullmastiffs

What is a Holistic Diet? A truly “complete and balanced diet” for your Mastiff is one which include a variety of fresh, whole, chemical free, unprocessed food. In the wild, the undomesticated Mastiff on raw meats and predigested vegetables and grains. As long as these natural foods are plentiful, the mastiff usually enjoys a long […]

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The English Mastiff Breed

The English Mastiff is one of the best-known types of Mastiff and one of the highest ranking when it comes to guard dog duty. The English Mastiff certainly has “presence” and will guarantee that any strangers that encounter it will think again about trespassing on its territory. You may describe an English Mastiff as Large, […]

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The Bullmastiff Diet – What Foods To Feed and What To Avoid

When you bring your Bullmastiff puppy home, a feeding chart is usually supplied to you by the breeder. It is best to stay with this diet until a suitable time to change. There are many commercial dog foods available and your breeder will help you choose the right food for your Bullmastiff or what brands […]

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this mastiff does not like vets

Bullmastiffs Worming and Vaccinating

Just like humans requiring vaccination against infectious diseases, Bullmastiffs need to be as well. As a new born, Bullmastiff puppies receive antibodies from their mother. Puppies don’t require vaccinations (unless the mother has not been vaccinated) until they have been weaned from their mothers at around six weeks of age; they are usually required to […]

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