Mastiff Info – The Five Breed Standards

Dog breeds accepted into kennel or breed clubs have a standard of excellence that should tell any owner and any beginner breeder what the ideal for their preferred breed is. For breeders, this standard is what helps them determine the qualities that are necessary for them to pick, and what issues they need to address. Also, because this piece of mastiff info is made available, prospective dog owners are also given guimdance on which puppy they should pick and take home based on the … [Read more...]

Mastiff Breeding – Standards and Issues

Before you start your venture into mastiff breeding, you must know that there are some things which you must first consider. Breeding is found by many first-timers to be exhausting, expensive. Even the female dogs have a hard time out of it. It's one of those ventures where things that can go wrong will go wrong. So if you're not prepared to take be disappointed a lot, then you might want to give up this plan. Otherwise, read on and find out what else you need to be prepared … [Read more...]

Mastiffs for Sale – Choosing the Right Puppy

Now that you have finished examining your lifestyle and studied the mastiff breed, you must be totally sure now that the Mastiff is right for you and your family. Of course, the next step still remains - looking for a mastiff for sale and taking it home. Before you jump at the first puppy that is offered to you, know first that not all puppy sellers out there know how to properly raise mastiffs. Two kinds of Mastiff Sellers There are two kinds of sellers - the first, and hopefully … [Read more...]

Four Qualities that Make a Great Mastiff Breeder

In your search for that puppy you've always wanted, you must have found a lot of resources - websites, advertisements on newspapers, personal recommendations from mastiff owners - which you can use as a great starting point. It's good that you're avoiding pet stores, since you're informed enough to avoid supporting an industry or business that treats the dogs unkindly. Though, if you're still craving for more information about your pet to be and can't wait to go get that puppy, then the … [Read more...]

Taking Care of English Mastiff Dogs: The Dos and Don’ts

So you've found yourself some handsome English mastiff dogs as the newest additions to your family and you want to be the best master that you can be. As you will soon find out, taking care of these great animals is not actually all that hard. With proper training, mastiff dogs can be the most loyal and affectionate pet dogs around. Here are a few things you should remember to keep your pets happy and healthy. Do: Socialize the pups early Mastiffs are born with a natural protective … [Read more...]